Monday, May 12, 2014

My 2014 Blue Ridge Rally

Whew!  The last two months of my life have been a whirlwind of activity.  My Camper Mom was consumed with all things Blue Ridge in March and April and I couldn't get her to give up the computer for one iota of time!  Now that things have settled down for us, I can finally share the BRR with you from MY perspective.

Momma Sharon promised me that the computer is mine for as long as I need it! Well, we shall see about that.  Our Blue Ridge collage is a good place for me to start my Stories.

You can tell by that photo in the lower right hand corner that we had a whole lot of campers come to The Holler.  In fact, we set all kinds of BRR records this year.

Thanks for being patient with me and realizing that at some point I would have some SplashT@B Stories to share with you.  Welcome back!!


  1. Jamie and I really enjoyed our time at Racoon Holler. Even though we were only there for two nights, we were able to meet some fantastic people. It was great to see a large teardrop community in one place. It was like being at a family reunion. Thank you for making the Lil Guy named Gunny feel like part of the family. Now, if I can just not tear your T@B doors off the hinges I'll be doing great LOL! Dang those doors are tricky!
    Thanks again, Jamie & Susan Sigmon

  2. Have followed your blog for a cpl. of years, but never commented. I don't own a camper, but hope to soon. You guys look like you have so much fun and great camaraderie with all campers! I enjoy reading your adventures! A follower from Myrtle Beach, SC

  3. Hello Myrtle Beach follower! Thanks for the note and I appreciate you tagging along with Splash and me. FYI...I know of a beautiful little T@B that is about to be put up for sale right there in SC. If you are interested, I can pass along the info!! Zip me a private email if you are interested (

  4. I'd love if you could send me the pic of Boot, you and moi! thanks. was SO great to see you and Becky ☺