Friday, August 23, 2013

Setting The Standard For Color

Mornin' everyone . . . Splash here at the Rolling Home Rally with a quick Story.  I snitched a little computer time early this morning because Momma Sharon is keeping an eye on my tent room and the little pools of water collecting in the corners during our morning shower.  We've discovered that the tent isn't quite square to me, so we're having some drips here and there.  

I'm pretty sure that she and Aunt Becky are going to correct that situation this morning when the showers pass through.

I am having a terrific time here in Ohio and I'm so glad I got to come.  Mom has me all decked out and I've been showing off all week.  There's not another T@B in the whole campground as colorful as me!

I will have so many Stories to tell you after I get home!  In the meantime you can catch my Camper Mom's Postcards to get the whole scoop.  Thanks for popping in today and always remember . . .

"Peace, Love & Camping"

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yippee . . . I'm In Ohio

Hey everyone!  I'm in Ohio at the Rolling Home Rally just outside of New Philadelphia.  It took me two days to get here because Momma Sharon decided we should break up the long drive with an overnight stop last evening in West Virginia.  

When she told me that we are camping at Rippling Waters Church of God Campground I just laughed.  I knew for a fact that a campground like that wouldn't allow things like smoking and drinking and cussing! I also knew that there was no way to keep the guys I was camping with from doing that stuff . . . and I was right!!  It's a wonder that Highway Bob, Geo, and Rich didn't get us kicked out!!  The only thing that Momma Sharon was drinking was my official water.

Liz gave my Mom a special present . . . a black bandana with peace signs all over it . . . cool, huh?!

Tonight I'm tucked in at Atwood Lake Park with a bunch of other T@Bs. I've got some issues though.  I don't have any running water at my site, there are no showers for my Mom and her friends, and the bathroom consists of three pit toilets.  I'm just glad that she and all her camping buddies are laughing about it.

I'm having a bit of a hiccup with my 12 volt lights.  They are flickering and when that happens, my converter makes a funny noise.  It's really worrying my Camper Mom, but we're going to do some trouble-shooting tomorrow.  I wish my Uncle Rob was here because he would know what to do, but we're surrounded by some smart T@Bbers here that I'm sure can help.  Plus, we'll be talking to the Little Guy techs and maybe get a solution from them.

OK, I'm pretty pooped and it's time for lights out.  Momma Sharon will be sending out Postcards each evening and she'd love it if you pick yours up nightly.  Thanks for dropping by for a Story tonight and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping"

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Camping Chair Covers

Howdy campers . . . thanks for showing up again today.  I cannot believe how much computer time I'm getting this week!  It's all because my Camper Mom is busy getting ready for our next big trip to Ohio.

This past weekend she ran into Rite Aid to pick up a few items and was stopped dead in her tracks by a lime green, blue, and white beach towel.  There was a whole rack of them and they were on sale for $3.00 each.  Can you believe that?  Three bucks!!  Frankly I'm surprised she bought only three.

OK, I know you're wondering what artsy-fartsy splashy project she has in mind for these.

My Camper Mom and Aunt Becky have a favorite pair of camping chairs that always travel with us.  She got them at Camping World many years ago and they have held up well.  They are brown and I've never said much, but they are boring and drab and don't really match me very well.

After a bit of measuring and pinning, Mom sewed a 15 1/2" pocket at the top to slide over the back and a 3 1/2" pocket to slide onto the seat. The result is a hella-cool set of camping chair covers.  I think they took about 30 minutes from start to finish and I love 'em!

She has one more project in mind for the third beach towel and I'm gonna keep you in suspense for a few days about that one.  Everyone is off to The Wee Cabin today, so that project is on hold until Sunday or Monday.

I'll wish you a great weekend a day early and just remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Toolbelt Sue's Quick Mod

Mornin' everyone.  I'm glad you stopped by hear the Story about me and Toolbelt Sue!

When I was on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Caravan back in May with all my buddies, we spent several nights at My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown.  While there, Sue Luke, aka. Toolbelt Sue, performed a little mod on my outside Cool Cat grill.

At the 3rd Annual Blue Ridge Rally, Momma Sharon helped a couple people install plexiglass over the opening to our grills to prevent water splashing inside while we are traveling in the rain.  It has worked well over the years, but Toolbelt Sue improved upon it.  Happy Camper's Mom is a wizard when it comes to T@B knowledge and cool fixes for us!

She made a trip to Lowes and picked up several rolls of foam weather strips.  Once back in the campground, she pulled out a pair of scissors, and got to work!  Off came my plexiglass cover . . . 

Next was a quick clean-up of the inside of the grill frame . . .

Foam strips were measured, then cut to fit.  Sue peeled off the backing paper and pushed them into place.  All the way around the four sides she went.  Lickity-split, in less than 10 minutes, I had some extra protection for my Cool Cat!

Once she put my cover back on and tightened the washers, I was totally ready to roll in all kinds of weather.

I hope you enjoyed Toolbelt Sue's tutorial via my Story today.  If you have time for a stopover tomorrow, I'll tell you about Momma Sharon's latest Rolling Home project.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My T@B Guru At Work

Two Stories in two days . . . I love it!!  There was a bit of chatter on Facebook last evening among some T@Bbers concerning my new modifications.  You see, my Camper Mom posted a link to my Stories and let everyone know I have a new bike rack.

What she didn't do was tell them about my new MaxxAir vent cover! That's right, I have a spiffy, white cover over my Northern Breeze fan so I can leave the lid open when it rains.  This is another one of those things that Momma Sharon has wanted and talked about for a long time.  She can be so impulsive sometimes buying things for me and at other times, she's on Sharon Time!  Go figure.

One weekend last May, she and Aunt Becky made a trip to Camping World and she finally bought one of those coolio covers for me.  I think in the back of her mind she worried about it blowing completely off while we're out on the road.  But she took the plunge and got it for me anyway.  I told her to just chill and not worry so much!

My buddy Highway Bob, my personal T@B Guru, did the installation.  For a long time, I thought he was going to have to drill holes in my ceiling and I was scared to death.  However, when I found out that the MaxxAir actually attaches to the sides of the fan and hardly touches my roof at all, then I said "let's do this!"  Aunt Becky pulled out her step ladder, found a quilt to go on my roof, and the installation began.

It didn't take Dr. Bob very long at all and before I knew it, my new vent cover was sitting pretty right on top of me!  Because it's white, it blends in nicely I think.  Thanks a bazillion Bob!!

You might be wondering why Momma Sharon is going a little crazy lately making things for me and adding modifications.  I have an idea about that . . . I think it's because we are traveling to Ohio a week from Saturday to join almost 150 T@Bs and Little Guys for a HUGE rally called Rolling Home. I'm guessing she wants to show me off in all my splashy lime green and blue glory!

I really appreciate you scooting over here today for another Story and I have a news flash for you . . . I'll have another Tale for you tomorrow concerning me and Toolbelt Sue.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mod Day Under The T@Bport

Hey hey y'all.  I hope you had a great weekend, because I sure did!  Not a drop of rain and sunny every day.  The only thing that could have made it better was if I was parked in a campground somewhere.

Today something really special happened.  Momma's friends, Bob and Susan (Little Red T@Boose's folks) drove to Newton from Pittsboro.  They rolled down my driveway this morning and Bob began pulling out tools!  It was Mod Day under the T@Bport!!

Momma Sharon and Bob have had some serious discussions about a bike rack for many months and Bob told her that if she could find one, he would install it.  That explains the visit this morning.

He had the base fabricated in Pittsboro, so all he had to do for me was drill four holes in my frame.  Momma Sharon wanted it to go just in front of the battery cover. 

With all the tools laid out and ready, we ran an extension cord into Becky's garage for power.  The big ole bit and drill made quick work of the four holes.   I was kinda afraid that it would hurt, but I was a big girl and it only tickled just a little bit!

The stainless steel bolts were a perfect fit, so next Bob attached them securely with self-locking nuts from below the frame.

The beauty of this bike rack is that when not in use, Momma Sharon can pull out the locking pins, and remove the upright assembly.  It won't interfere with the jockey wheel handle or the battery cover or the jockey wheel itself.  It doesn't wiggle, it's shiny and black, and I think it's perfect!!  Thanks a million Highway Bob, my T@B Guru!!

Momma, Aunt Becky, Susan, and Bob all took a break for lunch.  They came back about 2:30 to finish part two of Mod Day.  If you come back around tomorrow, I'll tell you that Story, but in the meantime always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping"!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh No . . . T@D Strikes Again!

SplashT@B here with late breaking news!  T@D (T@B Awning Disorder) has struck again!!  Momma Sharon spied a pretty little beach umbrella and stand at Family Dollar when she was off on that metal stool quest a couple months ago.  I guess the green, blue, and white umbrella that she saw has just been eating away at her ever since.

This morning about 11:30 she unexpectedly paid me a visit and I immediately knew she was up to something.  She got her camera out of the car . . . uh-oh.  Then she grabbed a long plastic sleeve with something in it.  Yep . . . T@D got the best of her again.  OMG, what am I going to do with her??

First she brought out a nice plastic base that has a plug in it where you can add sand or water or something else to give it extra weight to hold it down.  That's smart.  Then she put the bottom pole in and it fit nicely. Then she opened up the umbrella and inserted that.  Heavy sigh . . . 

It is a nice match . . . 

It is just the right size . . . 

It even tilts at an angle and locks nicely in place . . .

I am lookin' pretty groovy with it next to me . . . 

It is a cute pattern . . . 

I gotta admit, my Camper Mom knows what I like and so what if it brings her collection to ___ !  Oh my, I've lost count!!  I'm proud of her that she held out so long, but honestly, I knew it was just a matter of time before she got it so we would have it for our big trip to the big Rolling Home Rally two weeks from tomorrow.

Hey Daisy!  This Story is for you sweetie 'cause I know you understand what I'm going through!!  Have a good weekend everyone and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping With 
A Coolio Umbrella!"