Friday, October 26, 2018

Splish Splash, We Have Taken Our Bath

Quack, quack, splish, splash!  Yeppers, it's been that wet today.  We knew there was a 100% chance of rain today and Mother Nature kept her word.  The good thing about rain at the beach is that the puddles and lakes dry up quickly!

Four brave souls were up and out at 9:00 for breakfast at the Waffle House just up the road.  It was the perfect morning to let someone else do the cooking and then do the dishes for Mom and friends!  Comfort food at the counter with Miriam the waitress made for some happy campers.

Selfie time at the Waffle House
Breakfast hit the spot

Before coming back home, Splish turned north on Ocean Blvd for a cruise up to the Sky Wheel and back.  Mom said there was NOBODY on the streets and it looked like everyone had bugged out for a hurricane.

A bit of journaling, some computer games, and a nap occupied Momma Sharon's time before leaving for the movie at 3:30.  The plan was for a bunch of our Beach Peeps to see "A Star Is Born".  Well it seems like half of Myrtle Beach had the same idea.  By the time they got up to the ticket window, it was sold out!  4 got in and 4 got shut out.

Back at the campground, the bottom had fallen out . . . pouring rain, thunder, lightning, and wind.  So Mom and Bec sat in the truck to wait for it to calm down.

Trapped in the truck during the storm

The big pine trees were swaying in the wind and someone got spooked enough to head down to the big parking lot at the pier.  Yep, they left me to fend for myself!

Parked at the beach watching the storm

It didn't take too long for the big yellow blob on the radar to move on and conditions to improve. Once back, Mom grabbed her camera to walk around and take some lakefront property snapshots.

Lakefront property at The Lazzaro's

Lucy has her own little lake

Splish & I are surrounded by water

John & Sandy next door were a little wet too

There's a river running past Deb

Luckily the river isn't even close!

Kathryn on the other hand was totally flooded!

Lily & Kathryn watching the world float by

Well that tells you a bit about our big wet day.  The beach gang is headed to Dagwood's Deli for supper.  I gotta scoot and tell Mom goodbye.  She will probably be writing a Postcard for you tomorrow, so I will see you when I get back home to my T@Bport.  Until then, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & A Wet Day On The Coast"

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lots Going On 'Round Here

Well lookie lookie who got hold of the laptop today!  That would be me, the Splashter sitting pretty in site 71 at Myrtle Beach State Park. There's always a lot of activity going on around me, so I thought I'd share a Storybook of Photos with you on this gorgeous Wednesday along the Grand Strand.  Enjoy!!

Aunt Becky's flowers always look great on our picnic table

"I Go Where I'm Towed" is a popular saying around here

Miss Kathryn & Lily the Camping Dog know how to rock the red

Beach Peeps Sandy & Deb always have a smile ready to share

Charlie Blackburn is the newest camping pup on the Caravan

Here's a cool decal on the back of Lunetta's tow vehicle 

Aunt Becky assembling our newest kitchen addition - an electric skillet

Two new stickers showed up on my door!

Miss Ruthe likes her fresh flowers too

This is how Beach Peeps feel

Mr. Dave & his camping chandelier

That's Beach Peep Paul at supper

Lloyd, Lois, & Deb at Tuesday's Community Supper

Isn't this portable fire pit the bomb?  Thanks Lloyd & Ruthe!!

Sue & Rich are in the Halloween spirit

I'm pretty sure that Momma Sharon is working on a Postcard about something called a chill pill.  I have no idea what that is, so I guess you should look in your mailbox tomorrow for a Card.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Lots Going On"

Monday, October 22, 2018

Leader Of The Pack

Greetings from Myrtle Beach State Park on this Travel Day!  At 11:00 on the dot this morning, I led 3 T@Bs, 2 Altos, and 1 Airstream out of the campground at James Island, onto Highway 17, over the big bridge, and north to Georgetown.

There's just nothing quite like a caravan of T@Bs, Altos, & an Airstream

Momma Sharon parked me along the curb on Orange Street in Georgetown so she and her Beach Peeps could go to lunch at the Thomas Cafe.  It's a favorite local eatery of hers and everyone had a great lunch.

Taking a break while the Beach Peeps have lunch
Thomas Cafe . . . where all the locals eat
Shrimp Basket with Onion Rings hit the spot
Miss Sue took the photo so Momma Sharon could be in one

It was just a hop, skip, and a jump up to Myrtle Beach State Park where we got checked in quickly.

Checking in at Myrtle Beach State Park

Aunt Becky and Momma Sharon made quick work of setting me up for the week.  We got to say hello to Kathryn, Sandy, and John who are here for week #2.  Ruthe, Lloyd, and Deb are back with us again after a weekend in Hickory at Mary's celebration.  We said goodbye to Sarah, Sue, D'Nise and Bill at James Island.  Rolling in tomorrow will be Newbies Kevin and Miriam.  It's not easy keeping up with all these comings and goings!

Sue yelled for Sharon to come across the road and bring her camera. Here is the snapshot she got of Charlie the Camping Cat on his traveling perch!  He doesn't like Momma Sharon at all . . . he hisses and bares his teeth at her every single time he sees her, LOL.  Sue says it's because she looks like his vet.  I'm kinda surprised he let her grab this photo.

I sure appreciate you dropping by for a little Story about me being the leader of the pack today.  Mom will probably take back the laptop for several days so she can send you some Postcards.  Until I'm back with the blogging duties, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Being The Leader of the Pack"

Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Most Excellent First Week

Happy Sunday morning everyone!  I snitched the laptop this morning because Momma Sharon was busy cleaning up after her Sunday Brunch and getting ready for some Panther's football.

It's a beautiful, sunny morning in the Low Country, but a tad on the chilly side.  The brunch scheduled for outdoors this morning got moved inside without a hiccup.  Miss Ellen moved her mimosa-making inside, Mom cooked her dishes (Creamy Garlic-Herb Grits & Maple Sausage links) indoors, and the other Beach Peeps had outlets for their crock pots full of all sorts of things like cheese eggs, rice pudding, and oatmeal.

I thought I would share some photos of stuff that I have seen all around me this week, because it's been a most excellent week here on the first leg of the Coastal Caravan V.

1.  Ellen's hot & cold mirror bag     2.  Me lookin' pretty in site #17
3.  New box fan for our 90° days   4.  Cute trailers in the camp store

1.  Official 2017 & 2018 buttons   2.  My happy from D'Nise & Bill
3.  Daisy styling' up the street   4.  Keep Charlie the Camping Cat safe

1.  Our next door neighbor Pepper            2.  Our big fall flower
3.  Our spooky centerpiece  4.  Lucy the Short Short Trailer is here

1.  Raccoons in our trash!   2.  Miss Sarah chillin' in her hammock 
3.  Miss Lois' spooky flamingo     4.  Welcome to the 2018 CCV

1.  Creamy grits for bunch    2.  Photobombed by our Mary
3.  Autumn camping decor at The Hefners     4.  Mary's spirit will always be with us!

Tomorrow is a Travel Day for us and I will lead a little caravan up Highway 17 to Myrtle Beach State Park where we will rendezvous with Deb, Ruthe & Lloyd, Kathryn, Kevin & Miriam, and Sandy & John.  And we get to do this coastal camping thing for another whole week!

I will probably be in charge of the blogging duties tomorrow and will have a Short Story ready for you Monday evening.  Until then, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & A Most Excellent 
Week 1 Of The CCV"

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Howdy From The Coast

Mornin' everyone!  I am chillin' out on this Wednesday morning . . . my first full day on the Coastal Caravan, version five.  All my Peeps are here and life is good in the Low Country.

Yesterday we caravanned down with Blue Heaven (Bill & Elaine's Alto) from Newton to James Island County Park in Charleston, SC.  We had a good trip, made one comfort/breakfast/gas stop where we switched drivers and broke the 5-hour trip in half.

Blue Heaven, the Canadian-made Alto

It was pretty dang hot yesterday and the humidity made Mom's hair curl like crazy, so getting me set up for the week was a sweaty affair. Friends dropped by off and on all afternoon to get in their hugs and hellos.

Beach Peep Sarah
Beach Peep Lois
Beach Peep Elaine
Beach Peeps Ellen & Ruthe

Momma Sharon called Rita's down in Folly Beach to warn them that nineteen campers would be arriving for supper at 5:45.  Believe it or not, everyone got there on time!  Check this out: over half of my Beach Peeps ordered Shrimp & Grits!  The volume level in the restaurant was raised considerably because our crowd, LOL.

The famous Girl Campers of America ride again
Beach Peep Sue ordered oysters on the half shell to get started
The equally famous Shrimp & Grits

After supper, there was a stroll over to the pier and gift shop.  It was a lovely evening in Folly Beach and a great way to close out our CCV arrival day.

Folly Pier on Tuesday night
Becky photobombing Deb & Ruthe

Thanks so much for dropping by for my initial Coastal Caravan V Story. I will probably let Momma Sharon write some Postcards for you in the coming two weeks.  Taking turns will be fun .  So until I'm back with another Coastal Story, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Coastal Camping"

Friday, October 12, 2018

Cool Camping Totes From Miss Ellalou

Hey everyone . . . look who's back with a Story!!  

Preparation is under way for my last camping trip for 2018.  Next Tuesday, Momma Sharon will be hitching me up, Aunt Becky will be hopping in Splish's front seat, and we will head to Charleston for the first stop on our Coastal Caravan V.  I look forward to this trip every fall because it sets the standard for camping fun.

I just gotta tell you about something else that's fun.  Our camping friend Miss Ellalou from Vermont, makes the most terrific totes and bags out of fabric.  She's got a really good eye for coordinating colors and she handcrafts each one.  Her little company is called ELZwear and I think it's time to toot her horn a bit.  She also makes custom items and you should see the two she made for some of our camping gear!

One of our pieces of camping equipment new for this season is a Cuisanart Cast Iron Single Burner.  I actually haven't seen it yet because it's been up in The Holler with Mollie.  It's great for cooking all kinds of dishes using everything from saucepans to cast iron.  Here's where ELZwear came into the picture.  Mom needed something to carry that hot plate in, so she sent the dimensions north to Vermont and told Miss Ellalou to pick out some great fabric and have fun with it. 

Cuisanart Cast Iron Single Burner is a great camping accessory
Carrying bag from Miss Ellalou . . . don't ya love the colors!
It's a perfect & has a 3-sided zipper with a carrying strap
It fits perfectly in Mollie's kitchen drawer

Pretty special, huh?  Today, another colorful package arrived from Miss Ellalou.  We were hoping it would arrive in time for the Coastal Caravan and it did!  Some of you know that my Camping Mom is a coffee hound.  She's got Keurigs and K-Cups for every mode of travel and she needed a tote for her Mini-Keurig.  

At only 5 inches wide, it's the perfect camping coffee maker
The package that arrived today that Mom couldn't wait to tear into
A one-of-a-kind coffee bag with the perfect fabric
The back is squared, the front is rounded & it's going to work great!

Aunt Becky also has a couple of ELZwear totes . . . one for her big vintage circular fan and another for her toaster oven.  If you'd like to see what they look like and see lots of other examples of Miss Ellalou's very neat creations, I can beam you over to her Facebook page.  Just go HERE.

Well that's my Story for you.  I have been promised full access to the laptop next week at James Island County Park, so I invite you back for a whole lot of photos and fun.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping Tote Bags"