Saturday, April 7, 2018

How The Stars Aligned - Chapter 1

Evenin' everyone!  Do I have a doozie of a Story to tell you tonight.  But I am going to only tell you Chapter 1.  I'll let my Camper Mom send you a series of Postcards to share the whole Story of How The Stars Aligned.  It's too complicated and involves too many people for me to keep straight anyway . . . LOL.

Momma Sharon, Aunt Becky, and 2/3rds of the Schnauzer Herd took a whirlwind trip to Hohenwald, TN this weekend.  I watched them pull out of the driveway about noon on Thursday and could tell there was excitement in the air . . . epic excitement.  Their via point for that evening was the Econo Lodge in Lebanon, TN.  A trip that should have taken a little over five hours stretched into seven and a half!!

The first of 3 traffic jams occurred in Asheville & added about
45 minutes to the trip!
Murphy the Camper Dog was joined by Miss Sophie & they shared the
whole back seat . . . stopping for pee breaks, meals, & medicine
added even more time to the travel clock 
Thursday was Tractor Trailer Day on I-40 from NC into TN . . . Aunt Becky
did a fantastic job of driving while Momma Sharon took care of the
nagavating duties
Welcome to Tennessee where the stars would continue to align

The Econo Lodge was a welcome sight for everyone, but the time change from EST back to CT threw both Mom and Aunt Becky for a loop.  They had to be really careful to keep Murphy's meds on schedule. A walk across the parking lot for a couple of Taco Bell dollar meals provided supper. After a quick call back home to let me and Miss Wendy know they were safe and sound for the evening, it was lights out for the traveling sisters.

I know that you are still wondering what in the world this trip to Tennessee was all about.  Be patient y'all and pick up Mom's Postcards so she can finish telling you this Story.  Until I snitch the computer again, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Stars Aligning"

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Easter Bunny Arrived

Happy Easter Monday everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful and meaningful Easter weekend.  I'm not sure that ours could have been more perfect.  Momma Sharon bundled up in her heaviest coat and gloves and walked down the block to a 7:00 a.m. sunrise service at church outdoors in our worship center.  

She told me that the sun was coming up in the east at the same time a big full moon was setting in the west.  There was audio from the birds singing to complete that video.  Toss in the smell coming from the fire roaring in the fireplace and it was a delight for the senses. Holy Communion with friends was quite special and if you throw in sausage biscuits and coffee afterwards and you can easily see why she was a happy camper yesterday morning.

Around noon, a big package was delivered to the front door and she was racking her brain to try to remember if she ordered something for us or not.  But the return address was from Pennsylvania and she recognized the sender immediately. We tore open that box and it was evident that the Easter Bunny, in the guise of Miss Katie, had arrived!! PEEPS!  A big box full of Peeps!!

Look at all the cool stuff she sent!!  Two Peeps t-shirts, a green plush Peep and a blue one too, a box of edible Peeps, a Peeps candy dish, a pair of Peeps socks, and an insulated Peeps bag!!  We hit the motherlode . . . LOL.  I am thinking that Splish and I are going to be so full of peep stuff that we will cluck all the way up I-77 to the Blue Ridge Rally.  I think her Blue Ridgers are going to start calling her "The Peepmeister"!

That wasn't end of our extreme Easter Sunday, but I will leave that portion of the Story for another day.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Peeps From the 
Easter Bunny, aka Miss Katie"

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happies From Uncle Rob

I'm really bummed that my cousin, Miss Anne the Surveyor, won't be joining me at the Blue Ridge Rally this year.  Miss Anne belongs to Uncle Rob (Mom's 1st cousin) and his wife Trisha.  We have camped with them going on twelve seasons. Mom likes to joke with them about them holding the record for the most different trailers coming to the BRR.  I think it's four!  It makes me sad that their string will be broken.

Mom loves camping with Uncle Rob because they both are techies, love to cook, write blogs, do mods, snitch each other's ideas, find cool camping gear, collect stickers, and snap photos every time every chance they get.  I will get to camp with them two times this summer.  We will meet at Raccoon Holler in July and my 1st trip to the Outer Banks in August and that makes me happy.

Speaking of happy, we got one in the mail today!  Uncle Rob has some sort of new gadget at his house that will make decals.  He designed and made one for us.  I told Mom she's gotta find a spot to put it on my door!!  Thanks Uncle Rob for my hella-cool decal.

Okie dokie, that's all for this last Thursday in March.  Until there's another Story to be told, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & BRR Decals"

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Shout Out To My Peeps

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to send a little shout-out to my Peeps near and far to tell you an itty biddy (ha, ha, ha . . . get it, little bitty) Story today.  On our Blue Ridge Facebook group, Mr. Bill posted a link to a silicone mold for making ice cubes.  It was called "Quack The Ice" and had 6 little ducks.

The minute Momma Sharon saw it, her mind started turning and I knew she was cooking up something.  If she took that mold out of the box, you would swear it was peeps, not ducks.  And knowing that she doesn't put ice cubes in her drinks, it took me a while to figure out exactly why she wanted it.

SOAP . . . she is going to make soap that looks like peeps!!

We are 49 days away from the Blue Ridge Rally and that will give us just enough time to get soap made and cured in time to sell at the Market on Saturday morning.  There's a package coming from Bramble Berry Soap this week with some soap supplies and in that package will be a new-to-us fragrance oil called "Daisy Chain".  It has notes of violet, strawberry, jasmine, vanilla and musk so it will be the perfect mix of floral and fruity.

Mom will add some colorant to make those soap peeps a pretty yellow and we are hoping that they will be a hit at the BRR.  Who knows, the 6th Street Soap Company might get adventurous and branch out from our standard bars.  Wouldn't it just be too cool to find some way to make a bar of soap that looks like me!!

I will keep you updated and until I am back for another itty biddy Story (tee hee),  always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Peeps!"

Saturday, March 24, 2018

4, 5, 6 In 1 Pack-Away Table

Morning to ya from the damp and dreary foothills of North Kackalacky!  It's a grand day to daydream about and prepare for the opening of camping season 2018.  I have shared with you many, many times that Momma Sharon is a thief.  When she reads about or sees a new piece of camping gear that she knows is a winner, she jumps on that in a flash.  Kinda like those Luci Lights I told you about in yesterday's Story.

It seems like there is one something, something that is our big acquisition for the year and it is almost always spotted on one of the four T@B groups on Facebook.  Yep, it happened again about a month ago when a T@Bber shared their experience with the 4 In 1 Pack-Away Table by Coleman.  After reading the reviews, she decided that we needed this for our adventures.  

Upon unpacking and setting it up on the deck yesterday, Mom discovered it was more than a 4 in 1, it was more like a 4, 5, 6 in 1. Check it out!

Boxes with the name "Coleman" always sound like Christmas
One-handled carrying case weighing 12.3 pounds
We always have good luck with Coleman camping gear
Sitting upright it has a small profile & will pack easily in Splish . . .
31.5" x 3" x 16"
The legs store away underneath each table top
Each leg extends individually & locks into place
Add the leg extensions that have leveling feet to keep it from wobbling
Clamps go on the legs to hold the two tables together 
Classic square table configuration
Buffet serving table configuration
L-shaped configuration for inside the corner of a tent or awning
Table height can range from 27.5 " up to 31.5"
Pretty silver design on tabletop
Use it for dining, cards, computers, games, reading, coloring, journaling
Perfect as an end table
Equally useful as a coffee table
Legs folded down, extensions secured, & clamps in the pouch

There's actually one more configuration we thought of later - tables at two different heights for bi-level serving.  Can you see why my Camper Mom is all excited about it?  I doubt that we will be using it for cooking though.  The specs say it can handle up to 300 pounds, but we think that would be pushing it.  It's also not recommended for use with stoves and extremely hot items.  We'll let Mr. Werner take care of all those chores and be safe.

So until we are out in April for our 4, 5, 6 in 1 table initiation and until I have another camping Story for you, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & New Camping Gear"

Friday, March 23, 2018

Luci Outdoor Light 2.0

Greetings friends near and far!  Every Tuesday, our friend Janine Pettit, has a Girl Camper Podcast that we enjoy listening to.  This week, Janine had part one of a Spring Gear Guide.  She reviewed lots of new products, supplied links to each of those items, and for some of them she gave everyone a discount code to save a bit of cash.

There was one item that caught Mom's attention . . . the Luci Outdoor Light 2.0.  Several of our camping buddies have Luci Lights and love them.  We looked at them last year, but didn't pull the trigger on buying a couple.  The Luci Outdoor 2.0 is a great way to light up your campsite, tent, or trailer.  It's lightweight, LED solar powered, and inflatable.  

It has several light settings that are supposedly brighter and longer lasting than the previous generations.  There's a new adjustable bottom strap that will let us hang it anywhere without needing an extra hook.  I think it will work great inside our Clam.  Plus it's waterproof so we can leave one out 24/7 sitting on a picnic table.  We should be able to get through an evening with it burning because the battery is good for 18 hors after 7 hours of charging in the sun.  I sound kinda like an info-mercial, don't I?

Momma Sharon immediately took them out of the containers to get them ready to charge on the deck all afternoon.  At this early stage, I'm not sure she would give it 5 stars, because it was difficult for her to inflate.  She got close, but you can tell by all the wrinkles that it's not fully blown up.  We are hoping that Aunt Becky can help us out with that!

One thing that we really love about this product is that the company that produces them - MPOWERD Inc. - provides these lights in over 90 countries around the world to help out in crisis situations where there is no electricity.  3,000 lights were sent to Houston and Florida after Hurricane Irma.  You can find these great little solar lights at places like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Cabela's.

We can't wait to see them in action tonight and check out the 4 modes, battery level indicator, and power switch.  Look for an update on all that tomorrow!  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Luci Lights"

Monday, March 19, 2018

For Peeps Sake

Splash here with a ridiculously fun Story about the upcoming 2018 Blue Ridge Rally.  This year's BRR has been designated the Year of the Peep. How that all came about is a Story all by itself.

Mom's plan was to take it easy for the 11th BRR after our big blow-out 10th anniversary party last year in Tennessee.  Now I know what you are thinking . . . that is an impossible task for her because she LOVES planning rallies for her friends, especially the Blue Ridge.  Mom has always called her camping buddies "Peeps" and in a conversation with fellow Blue Ridger, Miss Carol from Maine, Miss Carol suggested that everyone could be "free range Peeps", do their own thing, and even help in the planning for 2018.  Hmmmm . . . what a novel idea.  And the Year of the Peep was hatched!

Blue Ridgers have indeed stepped up and volunteered for morning coffees and afternoon happy hours.  They have suggested party and meal themes.  They have offered to lead a bike ride and a book club. They have said they will bring supplies and decorations.  It's working Miss Carol, it's working!!

Of course Momma Sharon and I are tickled to death with the participation and enthusiasm by our Peeps so far.  There have been lively conversations on our Facebook page and the sharing of Peep-stuff galore . . . cartoons, ideas for crafts, peep items spotted in stores, and much much more.  I even have some stuff to share with you for peep's sake!!

This is MacNugget announcing the location for our 1st-ever Virginia BRR
MacNugget pitching in to help Momma Sharon plan
The welcome mat will be out for all our Blue Ridge Peeps!

We are seeing chicklets everywhere . . .
this little one came from Rural King 
These little Pez chicks are going to be part of MY decor
Check out our ID Buttons that everyone will be wearing 
We hit the decorating jackpot at Dollar Tree
Mom even found an apron that says "for peeps sake" . . . LOL
Dime Store Chic made this vintage creation for us!!

It's the Year of the Peep and we are already "having so much fun it should be illegal".  Thanks so much for dropping by today for another Story.  Check by from time to time to read another one, and until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Peeps!!"