Monday, August 13, 2018

Hatteras Sands Campground Review

Well, well, well . . . look who is writing a Monday Story for all my camping friends near and far.  I am coming out of my dog-days-of-summer snooze for a campground review for you.  Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky spent all last week at Hatteras Sands Campground on Hatteras Island with Cousin Rob, Trisha, and Jackson.  While The Cousins camped in Miss Anne, Mom and Bec stayed in a very PINK cabin just across the canal from them.

Originally I was supposed to go, but I knew that Aunt Becky would want AC and spreading-out-space and indoor plumbing, so I sat this one out.  That's OK because it would have been an 8-hour trip in 90° temps.  Besides, I gotta get geared up for my big annual trip to the MD DOG next Sunday!

Anyhoo, I wanted to tell you about Hatteras Sands Campground in case you were thinking about a camping trip to the OBX.  Momma Sharon took lots of snapshots for me to share with you to go along with my Story.

The folks that own Hatteras Sands also own American Heritage Campground in Williamsburg, VA. The very first rally I ever went to was in early May of 2007 at American Heritage!!

Rob and Trisha were on a corner campsite at the canal and enjoyed good breezes all week.  In fact, lots of sites are on the water and would be a good choice for you.  Their site (#16) was grassy, flat, and roomy. There was plenty of space for Rob's easy-up, cooking station, awning, mat, and the campground's picnic table.  Plus they enjoyed early morning breakfasts in the cool of the morning and gorgeous sunsets each day.

The PINK cabin sat across the canal from The Cousins and Mom was able to see Miss Anne and her two flags from their porch.  It was a quick walk across the bridge for a visit.

There are 6 cottages (without bathrooms) and 18 cabins (with bathrooms) in addition to the 74 RV sites available. The PINK cottage was #9 and sat right at the bridge. The sunsets from the porch each evening were pretty spectacular.

I don't know how many square feet their PINK cabin had, but it was like a tiny house and perfectly adequate for a week at the beach.  If Mom and Aunt Becky ever go back, they will know what to take besides linens and towels (2 small plastic folding tables for their bedsides, an alarm clock, 2 folding camp chairs, a twin Aero bed).  The upper bunk bed served as a storage area, so everything had its place.  

Mom said the AC worked great and the fridge and microwave came in handy.  Wet towels dried quickly on the front porch.  I think there were some pretty happy campers in #9!

Now if you would like to find out more about Hatteras Sands Campground, just visit their website and start making plans!!

Hatteras Sands Campground
57316 Eagle Pass Road
Hatteras, NC  27943

Until it's time to head to Cunningham Falls State Park next Sunday, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Campground Reviews"

Monday, June 11, 2018

Luci Light Report

Well, I guess I told a fib last evening when I said I wouldn't be back until August.  I forgot that I was going to give you a report on using our Luci Lights for the first time . . . sorry, it must be a bit of heat frustration.

Back on March 23rd, I wrote a Story about some new camping gear for this season . . . a pair of Luci Lights.  We are a little slow to the party in getting these and even slower in actually using them.  But Mom packed them for our 4 Paws jaunt and I gotta tell you that we love, love, love them.  Don't be surprised if you-know-who orders another pair any day now!

I told the Camper Mom that they would hang perfectly from the two rainbow awning poles on the ends.  I suggested that she use one of our mini-bungee cords and it worked like a charm.  Here's how it looked hanging from underneath and outside.

Each evening about dusk, we switched them on to the middle setting and I'm here to tell you that those babies throw out some light!  They attracted a minimal amount of bugs and I bet they would have lasted all night if we hadn't turned them off when it was time to go to bed. Mom sleeps with the shades wide open, so it would have been bright inside!

Next door, Kirsten and Mog had out about half a dozen and they were lit up like a Christmas tree!  Some looked like flickering candles and they were super cool.

I have one other snapshot to show you of the lamppost at the end of our driveway.  Talk about your groovy lights . . . wow!

Well I hope you enjoyed this Bonus Story from this past weekend. Who knows, there might be another one tomorrow night . . . LOL.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Luci Lights"

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Simply Camping

It's Sunday evening, I am tucked safely into my T@Bport, and our small gathering at 4 Paws Kingdom Campground is now in our memory books.  On behalf of Momma Sharon, thanks to everyone who came to 4 Paws Kingdom Campground, whether they were traveling with pooches or not.  We got to reconnect with friends from last year's Jordan Lake Jaunt, put faces with Facebook names finally, and chat with each other in person!

T@Bbers and T@Ggers have the great ability to have fun any time they gather whether there are activities planned or not, whether it's for a week or weekend, whether it's rainy or sunny, whether there are a whole bunch of campers or less than a dozen.  This weekend was all about simply camping and that was why Momma Sharon, Baby Gracie, and I had such a groovy weekend.

Signe's T@Bitha model
Gary & Lynn's Outback model
Duncan & Mog
Splish's tailgate makes the perfect cooking platform
Kirsten & Kim
Gary & Lynn, Alan & Sue
Mog & Kirsten
Our buddy Lois 
This wraps up my coverage of Goin' To the Dawgs.  I 'preciate you dropping by for a Story these past few evenings.  I will be taking a camping break until August.  Momma Sharon is going to be hanging out in The Holler for the next two months until it's time for us to head to the MD DOG in late August.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Simply Camping"

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Adding Sweetness To Life

It doesn't take much to make Momma Sharon happy  . . . me either for that matter.  This trip to 4 Paws for our little Goin' To The Dawgs do-da has been good medicine.  It's been a wild and crazy three months and my Camper Mom has had a lot on her plate.  This weekend she has been able to totally relax and not answer to anyone for anything.  No one has needed her, except for Baby Gracie. 

This is what happiness looks like and I'm glad the three of us got to share it this weekend  And that folks, is my Short Story for the evening. Camping makes us happy and that adds sweetness to our life. Tomorrow we head back home and I will have one more Story to tell you.  Nite nite from 4 Paws.

"Peace, Love, & The Sweet Life"

Friday, June 8, 2018

Camping, Just Camping

Evenin' everyone from 4 Paws where today we didn't do anything but camp.  We just camped.  Normally Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky are out and about going places, doing things.  But today there was a whole lot of sitting around.  A whole lot of visiting with friends.  A whole lot of hanging out with Baby Gracie.  A whole lot of camping and little more.

This place is so quiet at night . . . no air traffic, no interstate traffic, no cars nearby at all . . . just a bunch of loud owls and night birds. Because of that we all had a great night's sleep and eased into our morning . . .  it couldn't have been more perfect.  Mom got her coffee and Gracie got her crunchies.

After breakfast was a stroll across the street to the big dog park for Miss Gracie.  Once upon a time she would run, run, run, but now it's a leisurely trot exploring every corner.  She was so pooped after thirty minutes there that she actually fell asleep on the gravel here with me!

Mom and Gracie drove over to Black Mountain to meet with our Wee Cabin realtor and pick up a check.  While there, they grabbed a bite of lunch and then were back here by 1:30.  Our afternoon was spent talking to both sisters back home, chatting with Uncle Rob about scoring a seasonal site at Raccoon Holler, reading the latest issue of Our State, and camping, just camping.

I want to show you the coolio Luci Lights that we are sporting this weekend.  They are solar powered and put out an amazing amount of light at night.  Maybe Mom will snap a nighttime photo of them so I can show you.

That's all I got for ya tonight.  No fancy eats for supper, no campfire, just camping.  And we loved every minute of it!  Tomorrow I might have a bit more to tell you, so drop back by and see.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Just Camping"

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Goin' To The Dawgs

Evenin' everyone from 4 Paws Kingdom Campground outside of Rutherfordton, NC.   Momma Sharon, Baby Gracie, and I are here for the weekend at a little gathering Mom is hosting for T@Bs and T@Gs. There is absolutely nothing planned except camping, camping, camping. Can you believe that . . . LOL.

We are in a little pull-thru site, #2, and it is quite nice . . . right across the road from the bathrooms and main dog park.  Mom took her time setting up camp because #1, it was hot this afternoon and #2, Aunt Becky isn't here and she needed to pace herself.

We didn't bring a ton of stuff, but our rainbow awning, striped mat, Coleman table, and Gracie's pen look nice.

Miss Gracie and Mom went over to the dog park with Lois and Pepper before supper and the pups had a good time running and sniffing while Mom and Lois got caught up since the Blue Ridge Rally.  

Supper followed for them both.  Mom had a big ole salad and Gracie had her usual crunches.  I think both were enjoyed.

After supper we all chatted with the T@Bbers and T@Ggers that are here too . . . Kirsten next door, Lois, Signe, and Kim from up the street a bit.  They have pups here too and really like this campground.

While Gracie took a nap, Momma Sharon slipped away to the Office to deliver shot records and get some ice cream for dessert.  It is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day after all!  Along the way she snapped a few photos, caught Miss Connie on the phone, and then headed back because she heard someone howling all the way from site #2!!

We have had a good day, but it's time to get ready for bed, get meds in Miss Gracie, and send you this Story.  Have a good night everyone and until there's another little Tale from 4 Paws, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping 
With Friends & Pups"

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Crazy Faces (In The Hole)

Mid-week greetings everyone from the very damp NC Foothills.  My oh my have we had the rain!  I thought our five days of rain at my recent Blue Ridge Rally were nerve-wracking, but this past week takes the cake.

I've got a fun Story for you today to help take away the rainy-day-blues.  It's all about faces in the hole.  Blue Ridge Peeps, Dave and Sheila, love to stick their faces through wooden boards with circles cut out for their heads.  When they travel, they actually locate these and have a photograph taken.  So when Momma Sharon started planning for our BRR, she had a brilliant idea.  She asked crafty and talented Sheila if she would create a Blue Ridge version with a peeps theme!

When Miss Sheila said that would be fun, Mom sent her this photo and said, "Have at it!"

Using a big piece of chalkboard, Miss Sheila began her work.  She shared a couple of photos along the way  . . .  Mom and I knew it was going to be spectacular.

Very secretively, Mr. Dave drove his car up to the Picnic Shelter and they put the finished creation in the Game Room, turned towards the wall so no one would see it before Wednesday night.  After a bit of discussion it was decided it would hang from the beam on the back side of the shelter, at the perfect height for faces to pop in and out.

It doesn't take much to entertain Blue Ridgers and here's some of the proof at Wednesday night's Peep Show Meet & Greet . . . 

Miss Diane & Momma Sharon 
Crazy Peeps . . . Diane & Mary
Dave & Sheila were responsible for this madness!
Maryland Peepsters . . . Bill & Elaine
Kaia & Lilou joining in the fun
Aunt Becky & My Camper Mom acting silly
VA is for lovers . . . Liz & Geo are our favorites
Beth & Pete couldn't resist the fun
Bob with his Whisper Creek bottle & Susan
posed for photos
Vermonters Ellalou & Patty even came back one
night with headlamps on to stick their faces in a 2nd time
Sandy & Kevin are always up for fun at the Blue Ridge
Peepster best buds Miss Katie & Miss Fran
Two Girl Campers of America . . . Crystal & Mary

Thanks Mr. Dave!  Thanks Mrs. Sheila for adding a whole 'nuther level of crazy fun to the 2018 Blue Ridge Rally!!  And thanks to all of you who stopped by for a silly Story today.  Until I write another one, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & Crazy Faces"