Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter From James Island

Happy Easter from James Island to all my peeps!  Momma Sharon snapped a gorgeous photo this morning that says it all.  He is risen, risen indeed!!

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

S'mores Dip Perfect For Camping

Two days and counting until I hit the road for sunny, warm James Island County Park in Charleston, SC!  Did I tell you that I get to go on this next camping trip instead of The Coffee Cup?  Since I have a nice big PahaQue screen room, I can help out by giving Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky lots of extra room for chairs and tables and cooking and relaxing.

That's not really the Story I have to share with you today though.  I saw this really yummy-looking recipe for S'mores Dip on Pinterest.  You just cannot imagine how much my Camper Mom loves s'mores, so I'm hoping she'll read this and decide to make these one day soon!

S'mores Dip

1 (14-oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 cups chocolate chips
1/2 cup marshmallow cream
Graham crackers, for serving

In a small microwavable bowl, microwave chocolate chips and condensed milk on high 1-2 minutes, stirring about every 30 seconds, until chocolate chips are melted.  Mix well.  Pour into a 9-inch glass pie pan, spreading evenly.  Drop marshmallow creme by tablespoonfuls randomly over chocolate mixture.  Microwave on high about 30 seconds or until marshmallow creme is softened.  Immediately make several swirls through marshmallow and chocolate, creating a marbled appearance.  Serve immediately with graham crackers for dipping.

Momma Sharon has been so busy yesterday and today getting ready for this trip with her T@Bbin' buddies  I know that she's been making lists and checking things off that list.  Tomorrow she'll be coming down to see me in my T@Bport and will be giving me a bath!  You KNOW I have to look shiny and clean for such an important trip . . . LOL.

Thanks for dropping by this evening to see if I had a SplashT@B Story to share with you and remember . . . 

"Peace, Love and Camping in Charleston!"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Something Special For Murphy

Hey all you campers!  Thanks for coming by this evening to see if there's a Story for you.  There is!!

If you picked up your Postcards from this past weekend, you know that Murphy the Camper Dog got to join me and Momma Sharon at Chester State Park.  To be perfectly honest with you, she's not always on her best behavior when she goes with us, but this weekend she was an angel!

If I had an email account and if I had a credit card, I would buy her a present.  I found the perfect little gift for her.  Take a look at this...

Isn't that just the coolest collar you've ever seen?  And it's lime green too, just like me!  If you'd like to get more information on it because you have a special pup, you can find it HERE.  Hey Murphy, you need to tell Momma Sharon that she should buy this for you . . . LOL!!

I just love writing little Short Stories for you guys!  Always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

Monday, March 18, 2013

My First Camping Collage This Year

Hey hey campers . . . Splash here again to share another Story with you! 

One of the many artsy-fartsy things that Momma Sharon enjoys is creating camping collages.  Yesterday afternoon while keeping an eye on the ACC basketball tournament, she worked on the first one of the year.  Well, actually she did two because she just couldn't choose which one she liked better.

Here they are . . . you be the judge . . .

Don't ask me to choose because I like them both!  She features them over on Postcards.  Can you guess which one she picked?  Go HERE to see if you are right.

I hope everyone has a great week and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Got New Shoes!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  I've got my green on, do you . . . LOL.

I am home and resting under my T@Bport after my weekend of camping at Chester State Park.  I have the coolest Story to tell you today . . . I got new shoes!!  A couple of months ago my Camper Mom ordered a set of base pads for my stabilizer jacks.  If you want to go back and read that story again, you'll find it HERE.

She took them to the campground with us this weekend in hopes that Uncle Rob would install them on my feet.  Yesterday morning after everyone had had breakfast and Momma Sharon and Murphy the Camper Dog got back from a walk, Uncle Rob got to work!

After gathering all his tools, the first thing that he did was to fix my battery cable that had pulled out of the ring terminal.  Momma Sharon didn't have a crimping tool, so she couldn't get it to stay put.

Next, Uncle Rob put on my new shoes!  I kinda got tickled at him because just his legs were sticking out from under me at one point.  I don't know what Momma Sharon would do with out him because he can fix anything that goes wrong with me!!

The ground in my campsite had a few little washed out places due to rain, but these stabilizer pads adjusted to them perfectly . . . no more yellow pads for me!

Perfect weather, getting to camp with my Cousin Pod . . . what a great weekend!  Momma Sharon and Murphy the Camper Dog said it was the best "first trip of the season" in 7 years!!  Thanks for dropping by to read another one of my SplashT@B Stories and remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping in 2013!"

Friday, March 15, 2013

Greetings From Chester State Park!

Hey everyone!  While Momma Sharon is trying to get Postcards to load so she can send you a card this evening, I'll take over for a couple minutes and let you know that we all got here safely after a pleasant drive down 321.

I got a big surprise when my Camper Mom drove up at Becky's house to hitch me up . . . Murphy the Camper Dog got to come!  It's really kind of a tradition that she comes along on the first trip of the season and I don't mind one little bit.

I'm parked in a really nice site in this small park and I can even see the lake!  My buddy Pod is right next to me in site 10 . . . I'm in 8.

Momma had me set up in no time flat and she spent the afternoon chatting with cousins Rob and Trisha and then took Murphy on a two mile walk around the lake.

We watched a gorgeous sunset right before Chef Rob had the salmon on the grill.  

I'm so happy I could burst!  Momma Sharon, Murphy the Camper Dog, and I are camping once again!  Make sure you check to see if there's a Postcard in your mailbox and always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two More Days!!

Two more days until Momma Sharon arrives to hitch me up for the first camping trip of the season!  I am beyond excited, but you probably already guessed that.

We're not going too far from home and we're only spending Friday through Sunday.  Our destination is Chester State Park, South Carolina . . . March 15-17.  I'm joining my Cousin Pod for the outing.  We've got so much to talk about and I cannot wait to camp side by side once again!  

I checked the weather forecast and it's going to be pleasant all weekend.  I'll make sure that Momma Sharon takes oodles of photos of me by the lake.  I know she plans to send you a Postcard From The Road each evening from the campground, but I'd love for you to stop by here for a Story or two when you have time.

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Walking Tacos

Are you thinking about your upcoming camping season?  Are you thinking that you'd like to find some new dishes to add to your campground cooking repertoire?  Are you thinking you'd like to find something tasty and fun?

Well I'm thinking, SplashT@B to the rescue!!  I've got a funky recipe for you that's quick, simple, and oh so yummy.  It's called "Walking Tacos" and I wish I could take credit for it, but I snitched it from Momma Sharon's Pinterest page.  Here you go . . .


2 pounds of ground beef, browned + your favorite taco seasoning mix to taste
16 oz. Velvetta + 1 can of Rotel mixed together
2 cans of black beans, rinsed & drained + more of your favorite taco seasoning to taste
your choice of extras:  shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream
snack-sized bags of Fritos

What makes this so easy is the very cool Crock-Pot Triple Dipper you can use . . . click HERE for the details.  It even has places for your plasticware.  I'm lovin' this and can see it sitting on my picnic table with friends joining me for supper!

My Camper Mom created a little camping cookbook a few seasons ago and I told her that Walking Tacos has to go in it for one of our trips together this year!  Maybe you'll add it to yours too.

I hope you're having a great weekend and I have two things for you to remember today.  The first is that Spring is right around the corner and the second is . . . 

"Peace, Love & Fun Camping Recipes!"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Flood Of Emails

Hey everyone . . . it's me, SplashT@B, coming to you live from the T@Bport!  Are you out there camping this weekend or is it still a bit early? Two weeks from today, I'll be hanging out with my buddy Pod down at Chester State Park in South Carolina.  Woohoo . . . I cannot wait!!

All this week I've noticed that Momma Sharon's email box has been flooded with messages about one thing . . . CAMPING!  She's been chatting with Sisters about the recent Saddle Up gathering in Pigeon Forge, but mainly it's been her T@Bbin' buddies counting down the days to a big campout in Charleston, SC.  To tell you the truth, I'm not sure who she'll be taking to the Lowcountry, me or The Coffee Cup.  

The Cup is scheduled to go, but with all the trouble Momma Sharon is having with NC DMV over the title, I honestly don't know if she'll be able to get a tag in time!  Part of me feels bad about that, but I'm secretly hoping that I get to go.  I'll just have to wait and see.

While I'm waiting for her to make that decision, I wanted to share something really groovy that I found with you.  Check out this S'more Station!

Well, I just wanted to zip you a little greeting while I snitched some computer time this afternoon.  Have a great weekend y'all and remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & 
Looking Forward To Camping!"