Monday, February 27, 2017

Wake Up, Wake Up!

"Wake up, wake up!" Momma Sharon said today as she walked up to me.  I have been snoozing away in my T@Bport since November, just waiting for Spring and our first camping trip of 2017.  Tomorrow bright and early, we head south to Camp Lake Jasper to join the ever wild and crazy Sisters on the Fly for the Fantastic Frolic.

We've never been to this campground, so we are both excited about the prospect of camping in a new place.  There will be lots to see and do down there in the South Carolina Low Country, not to mention lots of fun scheduled for the Frolic.  I'm sad that Aunt Becky won't be joining us and the pups will be home with Wendy, but my Camper Mom and I will have a grand time I'm sure.

Two packages arrived recently, so when Mom said "wake up, wake up", it was kinda like Christmas morning with presents.  She bought two happies for me to celebrate our 11th year on the road together. The first one came in a long box and it's a smaller version of The Clam that we love so much - perfect when it's just the two of us.  The second is a new outdoor rug.  It doesn't really match my splashy colors, but it was just too stinkin' cute to pass up. 

We've both got a long to-do list for today to get ready for our a.m. departure, so I need to scoot.  Look for Mom's Postcards From The Road tomorrow evening and I will see you back here for the wrap-up on Sunday evening.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & A New Camping Season"