Friday, June 16, 2017

An Explosion Of Color

Momma Sharon and her Postcards are just going to have to wait.  I have a BIG colorful announcement to make!

My Visor is starting to show its age.  It's gathering water in the shock-cord track, the keder rail piping is starting to get a little ragged, and it's got some ugly stains on it from trees and birds.  Momma Sharon went to the PahaQue site to look at getting a new one, hoping for one with a lime green trim.  Sadly, only the standard colors were available.  I told her I didn't need one of the big XLs, that a regular-sized one would work nicely.

But I've been secretly longing for something with COLOR.  We went online and looked at Marti's awnings, but didn't see any fabric that blew our skirts up.  That's when she got the brilliant idea to grab Aunt Becky and head to Hickory and pay Annas Awning a visit.  They have been in business since 1944 and make terrific awnings for houses (we all have some).  Maybe they would make a camping one for me!!

Mom took my Visor with her as a template and to take measurements from.  The Awning Man that helped them said, "Sure, we can make you an awning for your camper."  OMG!!  Momma even showed him a snapshot of me and he just smiled.

So she and Bec sat down at the table and poured through the books of fabric samples.  Blues, greens, blue & greens . . . so much to choose from.  That is until lightening struck when they saw this one . . . 

It was an explosion of color and there was no need to look any further! Seeing that gorgeous rainbow of colors made Momma Sharon's face light up for real.  Did she have enough nerve to go with so much color? You betcha!!

So the Awning Man drew out a pencil design as Mom told him what she wanted: rectanglar, 10 'x 5', grommets in each front corner and one in the middle, heavy-duty stitching, scallops, royal blue trim, and to match the size of the Visor cord that slides through my keder rail. Done and done!

The Awning Man said he didn't need any money and they would call when it was ready.  Mom said she would like to have it before our next trip in July and the man said, "No problem."  All of this happened on Wednesday morning.  Yesterday afternoon we got a call that it was ready.  No lie . . . it was ready!!  So Mom picked up Aunt Becky this morning and off they went to Hickory.

How did it turn out you ask?  INCREDIBLE!!  It was folded up in an 18" x 18" square and was double-stitched everywhere.  The grommets were perfectly placed, the scallops were trimmed in that beautiful royal blue that matches me, and the piece that slides in my keder rail is rubber. Plus, you will never guess how much it cost . . . $164.00.  I may need another one - tee hee!

Because I'm sitting in the T@Bport, there was no way to attach it today for you to get the full effect.  But you know there are snapshots to be shared.  Here ya go . . . 

Becky gave us a bag to store it in and you will have to wait until I'm back up in The Holler to see it attached and extended in all its colorful glory.  I could have waited until then to share my big news, but I'm just busting at the seams with excitement and could not wait!

Happy camping, happy weekend, happy me!!  Until there's another Story to be shared, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & An Explosion of Color"

Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun Stuff On This Friday

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today here in the NC Foothills and even though I am on a little stay-cation, there was fun stuff afoot on this Friday.  Momma Sharon got a package in the mail that contributed to a very good day for both of us.

At the recent Blue Ridge Rally, we were both mesmerized by the light show put on at T@Bulous' campsite by Mr. Michael and Mr. Jeff each night.  As soon as I saw the lights, I knew what was going to happen!  It always does.  Mom is so predictable . . . LOL.

As soon as we got home, she was hinting for information about those lights.  After Mr. Randy (the king of all things fabulous in the night) and Mr. Michael told her what she needed, it was click, click, click on Amazon.  Here's what the Postman brought today . . . 

Blue, green, and purple ought to look quite stunning on me at night!  I hate that we will have to wait a month to try it out in The Holler, but that's OK and something fun to look forward to.

This past week when Mom and Aunt Wendy were shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, they spotted a very cool beach towel and knew right away that I would love it.  They know me well!

This afternoon Momma Sharon was sitting on the deck reading and sipping a beverage while the pups patrolled the yard.  It dawned on her that 3 very cool drink holders are now in our camping bin.  The little one on the left is an insulated wine cup that she and Miss Alice picked up after their wine tasting at Thistle Meadow Winery during the Caravan.  

The stylish lime green one in the middle is an Ozark Trail tumbler from Miss Kathryn that Mom used during the entire BRR when she needed to have something cool to sip on.  And that big monster RTIC bottle is the granddaddy of all containers and was a happy that Michael and Jeff gave her.  Hot coffee in that thing will last all day!! 

We have the most thoughtful camping buddies that always seem to know the perfect gifts to give us.  

So now you know why this was a fun Friday for us.  Murphy has bounced back and is doing well, Mom started a new book in a series she is enjoying, and we are thankful for all our T@Bbin' blessings.  Have a great weekend everyone and until I have another little Story for you to read, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Fun Stuff On A Friday"

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Bird's Eye View

Mornin' camper friends!  I have something special to share with you this morning . . . a new perspective on my Blue Ridge Rally.  A bird's eye view of the 2017 BRR!  Miss Carolyn brought her drone to the party and together they zoomed all over the campground, snapping photos of me and my friends.  Check out this awesomeness . . . 

Not only did Miss Carolyn shoot these incredible overhead shots, but we had another drone pay us a visit too.  Mr. Dave's son (Robert from VA), traveled hours and hours on Wednesday to shoot a video of us!  He did some practice shots that afternoon in preparation for the real thing at 9:00 Thursday morning.  He posted that video on YouTube and you can watch it HERE.

These drone photos and video were just another special touch for the 10th Anniversary BRR and I hope you enjoyed my Bird's Eye Story today.  Until I have another one to share with you, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & a Bird's Eye View"

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I Spy Revisited

Howdy y'all.  It's going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . rain moving out, lower temps and humidity, and sunshine on my face.

I enjoyed sharing my BRR baker's dozen snaps with you so much yesterday, that I snitched more from Momma Sharon to show you today.  Enjoy . . . 

Potluck suppers need to be spread out over 5 nights so we can taste EVERYTHING & not have to pick & choose

The Big Meadow Moonshine Bar is open for business

Straight off her killer performance at Woodstock, Janis is in the house at the Back To The Garden party

Cheese, olives, & pickled okra thanks to the T@DAers at Thursday Afternoon Cheer

My T@Bbin' buddy Mr. Kevin is kinda silly sometimes

Miss Dena is definitely enjoying her BRR afternoon & that's all I'm saying about that!

Miss Debi is taking home a very handsome fellow she found in a local shop

Sunsets in the campground brought relief with cooler temperatures

Our mornings started out nice & cool too in the Smokies

What a terrific view from the riverside

For the first time in 50 years, Momma Sharon ate a pancake!!

There goes Miss Wendy off on another Townsend adventure

Miss Katie delivered Burger Master sweet tea, dogs, & fries as Backpacks were being handed out on Saturday

Boo hoo hoo . . . I always hate to see this end of a T@B going through the campground

Getting the moisture out of my rug as we pack up on Sunday for our Caravan on Monday morning

Momma's "Oh Hell" hand . . . bid two, bid two!!

It means the world to me that you stopped by for another Blue Ridge Story.  I hope you have a blessed day wherever you are.  Momma Sharon & Murphy the Camper Dog want me to tell you thanks for all your positive thoughts, kind words, and love!  Until I write another Tale for you, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Photos Galore"

Monday, June 5, 2017

I Spy

It's a drizzly, dreary morning here in Newton and I've got to do something fun to raise Momma Sharon's spirits.  So how about a version of the game she used to play as a kid - I Spy.  I'm not going to give you clues or anything like that, I'm just going to show you a baker's dozen of  things that I spied at the BRR.  Have fun!

Across the road from me, protected by two orange cones, was a killdeer nest with 3 camouflaged little eggs in the middle of campsite #20

We got a nice welcome from Big Meadow every single time we drove into the campground

Charlie the Camping Cat (with Momma Sue) at his first BRR

The Honey Badger always stands out in a crowd

How in the world did Gunther get that pear into that bottle?

We bought a unique clothesline from Mr. Geo & he is showing us how to install one side of it

Mr. Randy's panoramic view from his secret 00 site

We had so many Blue Ridgers that porta-potties had to be brought in . . . LOL

Check out the drone overhead taking photos & a video of me & my Peeps

Momma Sharon & I are down right jealous of the light show put on by Michael & Jeff every night!

Chef D'Nise wowed everyone with her biscuits during the CDO cooking demo with Mom

Mr. Warren rolled into the campground on his big bike from AL & was greeted by Kaia & Lilou

Mr. Alejandro, aka Alex, singing Happy Birthday to Larry . . . we heard him all over the campground!!

I sure do appreciate you stopping by today for my little I Spy Story. Please keep Momma Sharon and my sweet Murphy the Camper Dog in your thoughts and prayers.  They are kinda struggling right now.  

I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with another Story, so I hope to see you here.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Sights I Spy Around My BRR"

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Blue Ridge Goodies

The week before my Blue Ridge Rally, I told you about our ID buttons being ready and that they were part of a little welcome bag of goodies that Momma Sharon was giving everyone.  All our Alumni expect a little something something from us, but the Newbies get taken by surprise.

Our little white bags contained the ID buttons, a 10th anniversary key chain, Dave's decal, and a camping bookmark.  Sometimes Aunt Becky comes over a few days early and she and Mom stuff all the welcome bags.  This year, we waited until we got there on Sunday, recruited some volunteers, and assembled the bags on the spot.  Beck, Miss Belva, and Miss Liz pitched in to help.

One of the umpty-ump reasons we love Big Meadow, is that Miss Barbara takes the time to go around Townsend and collect things from the local merchants.  This year that included discounts at places like Ace Hardware and Black Bear Cafe.  Cades Cove Cellars invited us for a wine tasting and donated wine glasses.  A local artist made laser cut wooden magnets of our trailers and BRR logo!  When folks checked in the office upon their arrival, the Big Meadow folks gave them a brown paper bag full of those goodies.

Miss Katie from PA checking in
Barbara & Kristina checking folks in & handing out goodie bags
Miss Alice came for a visit & couldn't wait to see what was in her bag
Jar of jam, bar of soap, pen, & fire starters were among the surprises
So were wine glasses from Cades Cove Cellars
We were blown away when we saw the magnet
Brochures, maps, and discount coupons

Making up goodie bags makes us feel good and makes our Peeps happy.  What better way to kick off one of our rallies!

Thanks for stopping by for another Story today.  Who knows, I may get more computer time tomorrow and write another one for you.  Until then, always remember . . . .

"Peace, Love, & BRR Goodie Bags"