Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Quiet Time & Quiet Hitch

Hey everyone!  Remember me?  It's Splash coming to you from hot, hot NC.

It's been pretty quiet around here since getting home from the Blue Ridge Rally and that just about sums up the whole reason I haven't had any Stories for you in a long time.  But that's about to change because tomorrow I hit the road with three R-Pod buddies for West Virginia!  Back in the fall, Pod and Uncle Rob invited me and Momma Sharon to join them at the Eastern Round-Up at Beech Fork State Park for a gathering of Pods.  Podders are always eager to join my Blue Ridge Rally, so we jumped at the chance to go to one of theirs.

My Camper Mom came back from the Blue Ridge with a marvelous idea for eliminating the play in my hitch and receiver.  It's called the "Quiet Hitch" and is a very simple, yet ingenious way of taking care of the jolts and clanks and scary noises when we are out on the road.

The photo on the package shows the hitch being installed in the U-position, but because the bumper of the Pilot is too close to allow that, Momma Sharon flipped it over and installed it the opposite way.  She already told me that she will take the wrench with us and check the locking nut every time we stop!

It took her no time flat to get it installed and we are both looking forward to seeing and hearing how it works tomorrow!  She pushed and pulled on the hitch and it was firmly in place with not an ounce of play.

Quiet time is over and I'm looking forward to seeing Pod and Tinker-Pod again, not to mention about 30 other Pods!!  Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to pick up Momma Sharon's Postcards to hear all about our fun!!  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & A Quiet Ride"