Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Idea Is Snitched!

My Camper Mom is a retired teacher and always used to say, "A good teacher is a thief."  What she meant by that was good teachers are constantly looking for new ideas, new methods, and new materials to use to improve their skills and classrooms.  

Now that she's not teaching anymore, she's applying that principle to camping. Over our last eight camping seasons together, she has snitched more ideas than I can count!  Just when I think she's finished and cannot possibly reinvent the trailer wheel, she sees something else that she's just gotta have.

One morning at the recent BRR, she was in the shower house and spied a small cotton mat on the floor in front of the last shower.  "Ooooo what a neat idea", she said.  The Lemon Drop's mom was in that shower and that cute little mat belonged to her.  If Momma Sharon had her camera with her, I would have a picture of it . . . LOL.

After a few questions for Momma Ava, my Camper Mom had a new mission . . . find the perfect bath mat to carry to the camp shower with her.  A trip to Roses in West Jefferson resulted in a big find.  The mat wasn't a bath mat, but a mat to put under a dish drainer.  Made from super absorbent microfiber, it was the perfect color . . . lime green and blue!!  Very light weight, quick-drying, reversible, padded, foldable, and at $2.50, CHEAP!  

You just gotta love her, that's all I can say!  Have a groovy weekend camping peeps and always remember . . .

"Peace, Love & Camping"

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