Thursday, March 23, 2017

Steppin' Out

It seems like every single time I go out camping with Momma Sharon, our campsite is a little low on the side that my door is on.  We have this wonderful contraption called a BAL that slides under my tire and allows my Mom to lift me up and level me on that side.  We think it's easier than blocks and it also provides a bit of security for us.  Here's what it looks like . . . 

Lifting me up on that passenger side has its draw back though.  It increases the height of the step to get inside and to come back out. Consequently Aunt Becky kinda lurches out because of her bad knee. I'm always afraid my little grab handle is going to rip right out!  

When Mom and I were camping down at Lake Jasper last month, half of our step stool was sitting on the concrete pad and the other half was sitting on gravel, adding a slope to that already big step. Something needed to be done!  It was time for an upgrade to a new and improved step stool . . . one with adjustable legs.

So the old platform that has served us well for 10 years is retired.  The rubber "shoes" were cracked and being held on by lime green duct tape, match-matchy, but time to go. 

The new Camco step stool is a thing of beauty!  Mom ordered it on Tuesday from Amazon and it was sitting at her front door when she got back from running errands this afternoon.  Looky, looky!

Lightweight, holds up to 1000 pounds, shiny bright
Legs fold in and out for transport, heavy duty aluminum
We are good to go for another 10 years!
Legs adjust to four different heights 
Super duty safety grip on top
Folds nice and flat and will go in my doorway for travel

Most of us older T@Bs always tell the new guys and new gals that their folks should get a sturdy step like this.  All it takes is for them to pitch forward one time and they will be convinced.  They are on sale from time to time on Amazon like my new one was on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by today for my Step Stool Story.  Mom gets the laptop back tomorrow so she can continue her special series on the hearth cooking workshop at Old Salem last Saturday.  Until I get that 'puter back, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Steppin' Out

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Campers Only Beyond This Point

Howdy all!  We are back home safely from our NC DOG over at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, but Momma Sharon and I are having a tug-o-war over the laptop.  I told her it was my turn and she told me that she had more Postcards to send.  Ha, ha, ha . . . look who won!!

I've been thinking about a bunch of snapshots I want to share with you in this post-NC DOG Story. There's one little thread that ties them all together . . . they are all about the campers (two-wheeled & two-legged) and what you might see when you hang out with them

This sign greets all who enter the campground
Miss Sue's junkin' score from Saturday
Even though the leaves weren't out yet,
it was a pretty drive through the park to the campground
Who's that stinkin' cute camper in the background??
Miss D'Nise & T@Bventure were just down the road from me
When packing works this well, it needs to be
documented for the next time . . .  LOL
T@Bventure got new seat covers for the season . . . WOWZERS!
Mom found this rubber stamp at 80% off . . . SCORE
Momma Sharon isn't the only one who appreciates old
picnic baskets . . . just pay Miss D'Nise a visit
Miss Suzanne combined a dog show in Greensboro with the NC DOG
Miss Elaine gave Momma Sharon a camping coozie
Another picnic tin for our collection
Ordinary leftovers are far more special when shared
at a picnic table with friends
T@Bbers only beyond this point!

That's my Story and I'm sticking to it.  Until there's another one, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping"

Sunday, March 12, 2017

If We Are Camping, We Are Eating

Well, happy Sunday everyone!  I woke up to snow this morning and the first thing I thought was, "Mother Nature has lost her mind again". It was just a dusting, but still odd to see given our spring-like temperatures for weeks on end.  It's all gone now and the world is right again!

I appreciate you taking time to drop by for one more Story to wrap up my Fantastic Frolic adventure with Mom. When we camp with the Sisters or T@Bbers or Chefs, there is one thing that you can absolutely count on - FOOD!  Food for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  Restaurant food, take-out food, snack food.  If we are camping, we are eating.  Here's the Folic proof . . . 

Breakfast spread on Friday morning
Breakfast at my house on Wednesday morning 
Lunch at McDonalds on Thursday with the gals
Divine homemade granola compliments of Miss Lynn
Lunch at Earth Fare while shopping on Hilton Head Island
Tuesday night quesadilla take-out from Casa Burrito
Saturday night supper at Bluffton Seafood House
Happy hour on Thursday with the Sistas
Shrimp Boat Reuben at Bluffton Seafood House
Our supper contribution on Friday evening 
Miss Jenn's Stuffed Meatballs were de-lish 
We always love rolled up party appetizers
Quite the supper spread on Friday night
A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Yumm-O . . . if we are camping, we are eating.  Speaking of eating, next Thursday I head out on another adventure with Momma Sharon, Aunt Becky, Murphy the Camper Dog, and Baby Gracie.  Mom is hosting the NC DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering) at nearby Tanglewood Park and there will be cooking and eating all over the place!  

Be sure to pick up our Postcard From The Road each evening to read all about the culinary fun.  After we return, I will be back with more Stories to fill in the blanks.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping and Eating"

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Classic American Lawn Chairs

When she was teaching, Momma Sharon would often say, "A good teacher is a thief."  What she meant by that was when a teacher sees a better idea, snitch it, give credit where due, and make it your own. Now that she is retired, that little saying has been adopted to camping. "A good camper is a thief".  This has happened over and over and over in our 11 years of adventuring together and it happened last week at the Frolic.

Our friend Rebecca brought a classic-looking lawn chair over to the gathering spot to show to Heather.  It didn't take long for others to see it and start asking questions.  

Was it old?   No, they are brand new
Where did you get it?   Lawn Chair USA in Southeast Georgia
Can you choose the webbing?   Yes, there are 27 different webbings
Are they expensive?   $37.49 - $45.99
How many different kinds do they make?  
What is the frame made of?   Aluminum
How much do they weigh?   3.2 pounds to 4.5 pounds
Do they fold up flat?   Flat as a pancake
Do they have different seat widths?  Yeppers, 1 regular, 1 wide
Are there different colors for the arms?   White, green, black, & blue
Do they have a website?
Do they ship?   Yep, within several days of the order

Can you predict the ending to my Story?  Oh yes she did . . . she ordered two green, blue, and white chairs  . . .  one for herself and one for Aunt Becky.  Of course they will look extra cute sitting in front of me.  Of course they will pack flat as a pancake in Splish's bed.  Of course they will be perfect to take to campfires and potlucks and visiting around the campground.  There was no doubt in my mind what was going to happen once Momma Sharon got home and got on the big computer . . . LOL.  How can you argue with such logic.  And besides that, they are stinkin' cute, just like me!!  Thanks Miss Rebecca!!

Camping karma strikes again . . . they arrived yesterday!!

Yep, they fold nice & flat
High backs & wide seats
Sea Island webbing
Sturdy white arms & heavy-duty aluminum frame

OK campers, that's it for this Saturday.  I may have one more Story to tell tomorrow.  Remember to set your clock back one hour tomorrow and cross your fingers that it doesn't snow in Newton.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Classic Lawn Chairs"

Friday, March 10, 2017

Come Meet A Few Of My Friends

When we camp with the Sisters, I always have to remind Momma Sharon to get snapshots of everyone.  She has a tendency to have a monkey mind when there are so many cool trailers and so many fun Sisters.  That often gets in the way of her listening to me!  Bless her heart.

Last week at the Frolic she did get photos of my Trailer Peeps, just not all of them.  So with apologies to the ones she missed, here's a little Photo Album of a few of my friends.

Miss Vicki's Fireside Dancer
How would you like to follow this dragon down the highway!!
Miss Peggy's little Monitor is very rare
Miss Jenn's little Shasta is a traveling art show
That's Miss Rebecca with the famous Bookmobile
Miss Shana's A-Liner came all the way from St. Augustine
Flowers & flamingoes are always a fun combo
Miss Charlotte's project 
What a cool logo on Miss Charlotte's vintage Airstream
This Holiday Rambler beauty belongs to Miss Christine
What a classic trailer!!
Miss Paula and her sweet little Shasta

Next time around, I'm going to suggest that she take a little notepad with her, jot down names and dates and info, then check every single one of MY friends off her list of photographs to take.  LOL . . . you gotta love her!  

Thanks for dropping by today for another Story.  I think I may have use of the laptop for just a few more days.  My Camper Mom is going to be wanting it back for some Postcards because we are heading out next week on another adventure.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & A Few Of My Friends"