Sunday, June 1, 2014

Got Me A Club

I had a surprise visitor today . . . Momma Sharon!!  I didn't know it, but she bought a little bit of protection for me.  It's a Club Tire Claw that fits right around my driver's side tire.  I've always felt safe sitting down here at Aunt Becky's house under my T@Bport, but my Camper Mom thought some extra security was just what I needed.  I think she worries about me when she and Aunt Becky are off on an adventure.

Remember my Story yesterday about her snitching ideas?  Well, she stole this idea from my little aqua camping buddy from Kannapolis. Papa Jim said it was called The Club, Model #491 and he found it on Amazon.  So she whipped out her credit card and wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'am, it was on it's way!

The package says it "Installs in Seconds!" and that was true!  Before I could blink, it was wrapped securely around my tire.  I know its on there good because Aunt Becky tugged on it and it didn't budge.

After putting the key on my key ring and giving Bec a spare, she slipped my tire cover back on and I'm sitting pretty . . . and sneaky-safe I might add!

This week while Mom's out of town, some Carolina Carport guys are coming to install four side panels on my T@Bport.  Three are going on my door side and one is going on the opposite side.  Aunt Becky had a huge oak tree cut down a few weeks ago and the shade that I used to enjoy every day has disappeared.  Because of that, I'm getting baked and Mom's not too happy about that sun fading out my cool graphics.

Here's a photo of me before the panels arrive and I'll have to show you the addition in a couple of weeks.

I really appreciate you dropping by to listen to my Security Story today!  I'll be out of touch for a couple of weeks while my Mom is off on another adventure.  Be sure to pick up one of her Postcards each evening and I'll talk to you week after next.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping"


  1. We bought The Club when we bought our 2012 T@B and then kept it to use on our T@DA. So far, we've always put it on and feel just that little bit safer. :)

  2. Oh and just this week, I made a lovely little stuff sack for The Club.