Thursday, September 8, 2016

Twinsies Again

When Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky started camping with me way back in the spring of 2007, their sleeping arrangement was pretty simple . . . twinsies. The short cushion was taken off and stored  underneath.  They flipped the big cushion and let the back rest on the floor to give them about 4 more inches of width.  Then they laid a roll-up memory foam cushion on top and added bedding.  Voila!  Twin beds.

Then there came a time when the Schnauzer Herd was camping with us and they simply needed a bigger bed.  Momma Sharon added a rail to the side benches, cut bed slats, and we had a big ole king sized bed, using twin mattresses side by side.

For the times when it was just me and Mom, she slept side to side and that worked pretty good too, except she had to angle herself a bit from corner to corner.

This past summer, she created another sleeping scenario for when it was just us two, so she could hang her feet off the end.  That worked brilliantly.

Before heading off to the MD DOG, she and Aunt Becky had a long discussion about sleeping arrangements and both decided they were tired of crawling in and out of bed, struggling to make up the bed each evening, having to roll up the bed each morning, getting out and putting away bed slats, and on and on and on.

Momma Sharon saw a friend's post on Facebook about sleeping twins and she decided to revisit that arrangement.  Being able to stand up on the floor was a big plus.  Plus, someone had raved about a tri-fold 3" memory foam mattress they purchased online that caught her attention.

So we put on our thinking caps and here's what happened . . . 

A big box from Amazon arrived
Inside was a new 3" mattress
It's quite compact at this point
Unfolded into 3 sections with NO funky odors
Gotta take it out to make a change to the width
Thank goodness Becky helped out
Marking the width . . . 26"
Drawing a straight cutting line
The magical Ginzu knife to the rescue
Carefully sawing the foam
It's a PERFECT fit!!
When folded up, it rests under the back cabinet with the wedge on top

At our first stop on Sunday night at Misty Mountain, the new twinsie idea was employed and it worked as expected.  Getting in and out of bed was effortless and it was decided to leave the mattress down during the day and not worry about folding it up.  I think Mom would like to try folding it up during the day so she can add her favorite pillows, have a place to sit, and not be looking at sheets.  I'll let her mull that over between now and the Coastal Caravan.

Today's Story was kinda long, so thanks for hanging in there till the end of the Chapter.  I've got one more Tale to tell tomorrow, then I'll be handing the computer back to the Camper Mom.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Sleeping As Twinsies"

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