Saturday, September 3, 2016

Life In The Slow Lane

Life in the slow lane suits me to a T.  Life along a country lane is icing on the travel cake.  I do not like to whiz down an interstate with humongous tractor trailers blowing past me as I go 60 mph.  Give me the longer, less stressful, slower route and I am one happy camper.  Momma Sharon prefers to not have white knuckles as we drive to our daily destination.

When we traveled to the MD DOG, we took Highway 29 from Greensboro up into Virginia until it intersected with Highway 15.  That road took us on into Maryland and straight to Cunningham Falls State Park.  When Aunt Becky slides into Splish's driver's seat to take over the driving reins for a bit, Momma Sharon gets to hang out the window and snap photos of things I see as I follow behind. Plus, she keeps an eye on me too.

I am perfectly content to follow Splish & Momma Sharon wherever they go

Here is that icing on the travel cake that I was referring to . . . 

Aunt Becky loves round-abouts . . . NOT!
Pasture, farmlands, & sunny skies in Virginia
Splish's view of the road
I love spying all the barns
Some of the thousands of hay bales I saw
Stopped in traffic, I spotted this old house
Ready to cross the Potomac River
I really dig the framework of metal bridges
Cruising through Maryland on Highway 15
There are the Catoctin Mountains . . . I'm getting closer to the State Park
This is why I love the slow lane
The campground is just up the road in that mountain range

Life in the slow lane is pretty sweet with Splish, my Camper Mom, and Aunt Becky.  I would follow them anywhere to have a travel day like this.

Thanks so much for dropping by on this Labor Day Weekend Saturday.  Have a great day out there and I'll see ya back here tomorrow for another Story from me, the one and only Splash!  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Life In The Slow Lane" 


  1. Today is a day just like the one you posted here. Even with hurricane Hermine causing havoc on the eastern shore of MD, we have cool dry breezes and lower temps like the day you arrived at Cunningham Falls SP Campground

  2. Sounds like the perfect day my friend! Splash