Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Poor Farmer's Market

Yeehaw, it's time for the next-to-last chapter in this MD DOG Book.  You just don't know how happy it makes this little splashy T@B that you come by to read my Stories!

Once we got settled into Meadows of Dan Campground on Monday evening, Mom and The Aunt scooted over to "town" to pick up a bite of supper.  There are a couple places to eat, but Mom's favorite is the old country store called the Poor Farmer's Market.  Well actually, it's not an old store, but it carries a whole bunch of items that you might expect to find in a place like that.

There were all kinds of goodies to look at, but I bet you can guess what drew Momma Sharon in like a magnet . . . yep, the Lodge cast iron.  There was a 10" deep CDO that she she lingered over and I would have bet money that it was coming home with us.  Somehow she resisted the temptation and Splish didn't have to carry more weight.

Supper came from the deli in the form of fresh salad plates and we wrapped up our Parkway day with supper and a movie.  Not a bad way to end a glorious one. Tomorrow I will wrap up this whole adventure and tell you about Meadows of Dan Campground.  It's been on our camping bucket list for a long time.  Until then, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & A Fun Country Market"