Friday, September 2, 2016

On The Way To The DOG

Hey everyone!  I'm back from my adventure north to Maryland.  Momma Sharon, Aunt Becky, Splish, and I had a most excellent time.  I've been told that I have computer privileges for the next week and that means you get to hear my BackStory from the Dutch Oven Gathering!

Splish pulls me with little effort whatsoever and sometimes I think Mom forgets I'm back there! Every single time we make a comfort stop, people point at me and some even peep in my windows. We make a good pair and it's pretty cool that we match too.

After our comfort stop at Sheetz, we made our way up to Charlottesville, VA for an overnighter at Misty Mountain Camp Resort.  I'm sometimes a little nervous about staying at a brand new place that we've never seen before.  You can't always count on what you see and read online to be entirely accurate.  I was supposed to be sleeping in site 34 beside the creek.  It was raining and kinda windy when we arrived and Mom backed me in.  When she looked up at the big tree hanging over the site, she noticed a whole bunch of dead limbs and that made her a tad nervous.

A quick check in the office got us moved to site 41 that was out in the open so nothing would fall on my head.  You gotta love a Camper Mom who looks out for you like that!  While Mom and Bec were out to supper, a couple pulled in next to me in a Subaru and pitched a tent attached to the car.  It was their first camping trip ever.  You can see them in this photo.

Their names were Tom and Cindy Fisher and they live down in South Carolina, not too far away from me.  When Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky got back from supper, they all struck up a conversation that revolved totally around me . . . blush, blush.  I think Tom fell in love with me at first sight!  We all exchanged information before leaving on Monday morning and I pretty much thought that I would never see them again.  But guess what???  During the week we were in Maryland, they bought a T@B!!  And they are going to join us on the Coastal Caravan in October.  How cool is that??

I really liked Misty Mountain and think maybe that I'll be camping there again in the future.  It was a pretty campground, the sites were level and graveled, and they had a most excellent camp store for Mom.  I guess the only drawback would be that the bathhouse was up the hill aways and it was a hike for Mom and Bec.  Not too fun in wet grass either.  Here's a photo that will put that into perspective for you.

The rain moved out and I had a great first night on the road.  If you drop by again tomorrow, I'll give you another behind-the-scenes Story.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Meeting New Friends
On The Way To The DOG"

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  1. I am glad that your new friends will soon be OUR new friends. Thanks for inviting them to the Coastal Caravan. And on another note, yes, the bathrooms were far. And uphill. ugh