Sunday, September 4, 2016

Flash and Splash

When it comes to my accessories, Momma Sharon is always trying to find the right combination of awnings, tables, benches, chairs, and do-dads.  This has been going on for ten solid years . . . LOL.  I admit to being a splashy kind of trailer to start with.  My decals are pretty cool and my color scheme is eye-catching.

I heard my Camper Mom say more than one time in Maryland that she finally nailed my "look."  I have to agree.  The addition of The Clam was brilliant.  In combination with my Visor, it looks like I have a front porch and an outside living room.  Throw in some window awnings, tablecloth, tie-dyed cloth from the VW Bus Festival, garden flags, and I make a groovy fashion statement.

OK, enough bragging.  Here's the proof . . . 

My Visor & window awnings make for a simpler look
My new Clam nestles up close to me
We brought along the Cabelas table for this outing
My tie-dyed cloth is an attention grabber!
The gnomes, Larry & Geo, are the perfect picnic table centerpiece
The Clam gives Momma Sharon & Aunt Becky lots of living space
I love my new "look"
The Clam is going to send all the other screen rooms packing!
Mr. Werner holds the ice maker & light bucket while providing storage underneath
Breakfast is served inside every morning
Flashy & splashy . . . just like me!
I even look great at night
Aunt Becky's flowers always travel with us
Here's what other campers see when they walk past my site #7

I cannot wait to show off my new flashy, splashy look on the Coastal Caravan next month.  I think we finally have the perfect combination of camping gear and it only took ten years!  

Drop back tomorrow if you have time and I'll have another Story to tell.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & A Splashy Look"

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  1. You have convinced me to buy the Clam!!! Splash is looking great and I have to say, I am diggin' that tie dye wall hanging!