Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Splat Awnings For Fran

"You are so cute!" is something that me and my T@B buddies hear quite a bit. Yep, we definitely have a corner on cute.  When you throw in some decor to match, then we really are eye-poppin'.  The window awnings that Momma Sharon has made for me are attention grabbers too.  

When Mom's camping buddy (Fran) asked if we could make her a set of awnings, we said "sure thing." Fran wanted to use some Spoonflower fabric designed by another camping friend (Sara in California) with splats on it to match her T@B.  She had the fabric sent to us in Newton and told Momma Sharon to pick out a coordinating fabric for the back.

Red, white, & black are Fran's T@B colors
Check out the cool, cool splats!

That splat design showed up on the early Dutchmen T@Bs and we think they were used to cover up dings and dents.  Sara has taken them and designed a line of fabric around them!  After the fabric arrived and Mom began all her prep work, she found out that her sewing machine finally gave up the ghost and she wasn't willing to send it back to the shop for the 4th time for repair.  It was a grand excuse to get a new one!!

Our new Brother Innovis is awesome!

It took about a week of off and on sewing to finish three sets of window awnings and a surprise pillow. The coordinating fabric actually is Waverly fabric from Walmart!  We added them to our packing list and off we went to Maryland.  

The splat side...

…the Waverly striped side

At breakfast on Tuesday morning, Momma Sharon presented them to Fran and she was quite tickled with them.  All week long she showed them off!

And a pillow too!
I think she likes them
Nice look for the front...
…and the side
"Look at our new awnings!!"
The pups pose for the formal portrait

Thanks for coming over once again to my little blogspot for a Story . . . one that really makes us Happy Campers.  I'll see ya back here tomorrow and until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Splats"


  1. Great write up! Thanks for the shout-out too Sharon!

    1. I was hoping you would see Splash's Story for today! Any time I can toot your creative horn, I am going to!! Take care my friend…Sharon

  2. Miss Sharon, I need these, and my sewing machine is broken. Can I commission a pair if I send fabric. The Blackt@b needs shades.

  3. Shoot me an email and we will chat about it!!

  4. Missed this story and I love my awnings!