Thursday, March 23, 2017

Steppin' Out

It seems like every single time I go out camping with Momma Sharon, our campsite is a little low on the side that my door is on.  We have this wonderful contraption called a BAL that slides under my tire and allows my Mom to lift me up and level me on that side.  We think it's easier than blocks and it also provides a bit of security for us.  Here's what it looks like . . . 

Lifting me up on that passenger side has its draw back though.  It increases the height of the step to get inside and to come back out. Consequently Aunt Becky kinda lurches out because of her bad knee. I'm always afraid my little grab handle is going to rip right out!  

When Mom and I were camping down at Lake Jasper last month, half of our step stool was sitting on the concrete pad and the other half was sitting on gravel, adding a slope to that already big step. Something needed to be done!  It was time for an upgrade to a new and improved step stool . . . one with adjustable legs.

So the old platform that has served us well for 10 years is retired.  The rubber "shoes" were cracked and being held on by lime green duct tape, match-matchy, but time to go. 

The new Camco step stool is a thing of beauty!  Mom ordered it on Tuesday from Amazon and it was sitting at her front door when she got back from running errands this afternoon.  Looky, looky!

Lightweight, holds up to 1000 pounds, shiny bright
Legs fold in and out for transport, heavy duty aluminum
We are good to go for another 10 years!
Legs adjust to four different heights 
Super duty safety grip on top
Folds nice and flat and will go in my doorway for travel

Most of us older T@Bs always tell the new guys and new gals that their folks should get a sturdy step like this.  All it takes is for them to pitch forward one time and they will be convinced.  They are on sale from time to time on Amazon like my new one was on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by today for my Step Stool Story.  Mom gets the laptop back tomorrow so she can continue her special series on the hearth cooking workshop at Old Salem last Saturday.  Until I get that 'puter back, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Steppin' Out

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