Sunday, March 5, 2017

Our 1st Trip Of The Season

While Momma Sharon is in her anesthesia chair snuggling with the pups, she said I could have the computer for a bit.  We wanted to let everyone know that we are back home safe and sound from the Fantastic Frolic.  It was pretty chilly when Mom rolled out of bed this morning a little after 7:00.  Our little Pelonis ceramic heater did a great job of keeping us toasty warm at Camp Lake Jasper.  Thank goodness, because it's the coldest nighttime temps we have had in a long time!

We were both old sleepy heads this week and never got up before eight o'clock.  I guess that's why we missed the mist on the lake.  But Mom grabbed her camera and snapped a photo of Lake Jasper and one of me as the sun came up over the campground.

We went through our hitching-up-routine and pulled out just a few minutes after 8 as the Sisters were still sleeping.  The trip home was pleasant and uneventful - just like we like it!

I'll have several Stories to tell you this week:  lunch at Gwen & Franny's Fried Chicken Soul Food & BBQ, our successful 6th Street Soap Company sales, the uber cool vintage campers I met, and some other tidbits.  Thanks for coming by so I could tell you a little Tale and until I'm back with another, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & The 1st Trip of the Season"

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