Friday, March 10, 2017

Come Meet A Few Of My Friends

When we camp with the Sisters, I always have to remind Momma Sharon to get snapshots of everyone.  She has a tendency to have a monkey mind when there are so many cool trailers and so many fun Sisters.  That often gets in the way of her listening to me!  Bless her heart.

Last week at the Frolic she did get photos of my Trailer Peeps, just not all of them.  So with apologies to the ones she missed, here's a little Photo Album of a few of my friends.

Miss Vicki's Fireside Dancer
How would you like to follow this dragon down the highway!!
Miss Peggy's little Monitor is very rare
Miss Jenn's little Shasta is a traveling art show
That's Miss Rebecca with the famous Bookmobile
Miss Shana's A-Liner came all the way from St. Augustine
Flowers & flamingoes are always a fun combo
Miss Charlotte's project 
What a cool logo on Miss Charlotte's vintage Airstream
This Holiday Rambler beauty belongs to Miss Christine
What a classic trailer!!
Miss Paula and her sweet little Shasta

Next time around, I'm going to suggest that she take a little notepad with her, jot down names and dates and info, then check every single one of MY friends off her list of photographs to take.  LOL . . . you gotta love her!  

Thanks for dropping by today for another Story.  I think I may have use of the laptop for just a few more days.  My Camper Mom is going to be wanting it back for some Postcards because we are heading out next week on another adventure.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & A Few Of My Friends"


  1. ...was nice to meet you, too Splash :)

    Fireside Dancer

  2. Can you imagine pulling that Airstream? Great Pics

  3. So glad to be neighbors with you, Splash. Sending greetings to the Coffee Cup, too!