Saturday, March 11, 2017

Classic American Lawn Chairs

When she was teaching, Momma Sharon would often say, "A good teacher is a thief."  What she meant by that was when a teacher sees a better idea, snitch it, give credit where due, and make it your own. Now that she is retired, that little saying has been adopted to camping. "A good camper is a thief".  This has happened over and over and over in our 11 years of adventuring together and it happened last week at the Frolic.

Our friend Rebecca brought a classic-looking lawn chair over to the gathering spot to show to Heather.  It didn't take long for others to see it and start asking questions.  

Was it old?   No, they are brand new
Where did you get it?   Lawn Chair USA in Southeast Georgia
Can you choose the webbing?   Yes, there are 27 different webbings
Are they expensive?   $37.49 - $45.99
How many different kinds do they make?  
What is the frame made of?   Aluminum
How much do they weigh?   3.2 pounds to 4.5 pounds
Do they fold up flat?   Flat as a pancake
Do they have different seat widths?  Yeppers, 1 regular, 1 wide
Are there different colors for the arms?   White, green, black, & blue
Do they have a website?
Do they ship?   Yep, within several days of the order

Can you predict the ending to my Story?  Oh yes she did . . . she ordered two green, blue, and white chairs  . . .  one for herself and one for Aunt Becky.  Of course they will look extra cute sitting in front of me.  Of course they will pack flat as a pancake in Splish's bed.  Of course they will be perfect to take to campfires and potlucks and visiting around the campground.  There was no doubt in my mind what was going to happen once Momma Sharon got home and got on the big computer . . . LOL.  How can you argue with such logic.  And besides that, they are stinkin' cute, just like me!!  Thanks Miss Rebecca!!

Camping karma strikes again . . . they arrived yesterday!!

Yep, they fold nice & flat
High backs & wide seats
Sea Island webbing
Sturdy white arms & heavy-duty aluminum frame

OK campers, that's it for this Saturday.  I may have one more Story to tell tomorrow.  Remember to set your clock back one hour tomorrow and cross your fingers that it doesn't snow in Newton.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Classic Lawn Chairs"


  1. I have two that are vintage and need new webbing. I am going to get it done. The frames are good as ever. I staged my trailer with them at Tybee. Got them from Susan Hyde for $5 so good deal. Have to order some of these cause they are comfortable and they are pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We have them at our family beach place, but I've always wanted to have some for camping. VOILA and American made too! You got a great deal Peggy…happy camping.

  2. I love mine! What I don't love is that look on my face!! Ha!!

    1. Thanks for the idea and Mom says she's sorry about the facial expression. It was the only photo she snapped. :(