Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wow, It's Utopia

Utopia might be a great word to describe camping with Sisters on the Fly, but in my Story today, it's all about one incredible trailer!  I love meeting and greeting new trailers and there's always one that blows me away.  I sent Momma Sharon over with her camera and said, "take a million snapshots of this one!!"  Well, she didn't take a million, but she did take a bunch and here they are . . . 

Everything you need to know on some vintage luggage

Miss Tammy, Sister #5073 is from nearby Beaufort, SC and her gorgeous orange and white trailer is a 1968 Utopia Pan-O-Ramic.  I think Mom's eyes glazed over when she got the tour at the Frolic.  It was a feast for those eyes and she was snapping photos left and right.  Take a look at a whole bunch of snaps and you will understand why!!  

Ready for some show & tell
Campground transportation
There's a flat-screen TV inside this old Philco
Everything is straight out of the '60s
Even the chandelier screams The '60s
Tray table & retro ashtray
Ready for happy hour
Grasscloth Melamine drink set
The coolest lamp EVER!
Of course Mom loved the coffee mugs
Too much to look at!
Check out the magazine rack, phone, & fan! 
Tammy's cozy sleeping arrangements
The Kitchen
Here's Miss Tammy herself 
Colorful bunting outside
A cooler for outside storage
Even her backside is precious

Didn't I tell you??  Awesome, huh!  Well, thanks a bunch for coming over to visit and look at the photos in Utopia's Storybook.  Until I compose another Tale for you, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, and Utopia"

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