Thursday, March 9, 2017

Keeping Me Clean In The Campground

Good morning campers far and wide!  One thing I have noticed that I have in common with my Trailer Peeps is that our Camper Moms like cleanliness and order.  I may not be an old gal like my Shasta, Utopia, and Monitor friends, but Momma Sharon treats me just as special.  

Not long after I arrived in Newton, she was thinking I needed something to cover up my plain (and cold) linoleum floor.  She took some newspaper and painters tape and made a template of my floor.  At our local carpet store, she found a remnant of thick, chocolate brown carpet.  With that carpet and template, she went to another local store and had a wall-to-wall carpet made.  The edges were bound and it fit me like a glove.

When we are camping at the beach or in campsites with tiny gravel, my carpet has a tendency to get dirty quickly.  Usually Aunt Becky takes care of vacuuming.  I always laugh when she says it's time to vacuum.  Why?  Because it involves using a lint roller.  Yep, our carpet cleaner of choice is a lint roller!!  

Even though it was just the Mom camping last week at the Frolic, she seemed to drag in a lot of trash and that meant it was time to pull out the vacuum cleaner.  I told her she should take a snapshot of this ingenious housekeeping appliance.

Roll it clean, pull off the dirty sheet, throw it away, and VOILA . . .  clean carpet!

I really appreciate you dropping by today for a silly little Story.  I will compose another one for you tomorrow, so come back if you have time.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Keeping Me Clean"

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