Sunday, March 12, 2017

If We Are Camping, We Are Eating

Well, happy Sunday everyone!  I woke up to snow this morning and the first thing I thought was, "Mother Nature has lost her mind again". It was just a dusting, but still odd to see given our spring-like temperatures for weeks on end.  It's all gone now and the world is right again!

I appreciate you taking time to drop by for one more Story to wrap up my Fantastic Frolic adventure with Mom. When we camp with the Sisters or T@Bbers or Chefs, there is one thing that you can absolutely count on - FOOD!  Food for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  Restaurant food, take-out food, snack food.  If we are camping, we are eating.  Here's the Folic proof . . . 

Breakfast spread on Friday morning
Breakfast at my house on Wednesday morning 
Lunch at McDonalds on Thursday with the gals
Divine homemade granola compliments of Miss Lynn
Lunch at Earth Fare while shopping on Hilton Head Island
Tuesday night quesadilla take-out from Casa Burrito
Saturday night supper at Bluffton Seafood House
Happy hour on Thursday with the Sistas
Shrimp Boat Reuben at Bluffton Seafood House
Our supper contribution on Friday evening 
Miss Jenn's Stuffed Meatballs were de-lish 
We always love rolled up party appetizers
Quite the supper spread on Friday night
A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Yumm-O . . . if we are camping, we are eating.  Speaking of eating, next Thursday I head out on another adventure with Momma Sharon, Aunt Becky, Murphy the Camper Dog, and Baby Gracie.  Mom is hosting the NC DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering) at nearby Tanglewood Park and there will be cooking and eating all over the place!  

Be sure to pick up our Postcard From The Road each evening to read all about the culinary fun.  After we return, I will be back with more Stories to fill in the blanks.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping and Eating"


  1. My stomach is growling. Do we ever starve when we are camping?

  2. I tell my non-camper friends that we laugh a lot, have great campfires, and we eat very well!