Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Cruel, Cruel Joke

A conversation with Momma Sharon this morning.

Mom:  Look what I made Splash!

Me:  OMG, a new set of awnings and a placemat for picnicware to match!!

Mom:  Yeppers, isn't that the coolest fabric ever?!

Me:  Absolutely!  It matches me perfectly!!

Mom:  April Fools . . . it's for Dash-T@B and her Momma Mary, not for you.

Me:  That's just plain cruel Mom, just plain cruel.

"Peace, Love, & A Cruel April Fool's Joke


  1. A gorgeous fabric. We'll done, Sharon

  2. Beautiful work but bad joke; almost as bad as the snow that is still falling right now; except it's no joke. :(