Friday, April 17, 2015

Once Upon A Time, But Not Any More!

Once upon a time the Blue Ridge Rally was exclusively T@Bs (with the exception of Cousin Rob's funky old trailer...tee hee).  At my first BRR way back in 2008 I welcomed 22 little campers just like me.  Not any more!!  This year there are T@DAs, R-pods, AirT@Bs (Airstreams), a Sonic Venture, a micro-van, a Lance, and a Sunseeker.  The common thread here is that once upon a time, everyone owned and camped in a T@B.

Once upon a time my rally took up just a portion of the sites at the host campground.  Not any more! This year at Big Meadow Family Campground, we will occupy all but a dozen sites out of the 78 that are there.

Once upon a time, my camping friends came mainly from the states around me here on the East Coast. Not any more!  I have folks rolling in from 21 states, even as far as Arizona.  In past years they have come from Canada and Montana too.

Once upon a time the rally started on a Thursday.  Not any more!  T@Bbers and Friends begin pulling into the campground on Sunday and they stay for the whole week.  Momma Sharon is calling it The Big Visit @ Big Meadow this year because about half of the 116 people coming will begin the parade past my campsite on Sunday.

Once upon a time there was no waiting list to attend.  You called and made your reservation and you were in.  Not any more!  This year my Camper Mom announced the Blue Ridge in late July and by October 1st, it was full.  At its height, the Waiting List was 14 people long.  Sadly, there are still five people on that list who are not going to get to come this year.

Would you like a visual aid of this year's BRR?  Check this powerful one out . . . 

Every time I look at that map it makes me smile!  I cannot wait to see all my Blue Ridge Friends again. Until it's time for another Story here, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & The Blue Ridge Rally"

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