Monday, April 20, 2015

ID Button Sneak Preview

Howdy everyone!  I hope those of you on the East Coast survived the flood yesterday!  Man oh man did it rain here.  Thank goodness for my T@Bport.

Since Mom is in full-on Blue Ridge Rally mode, I get another week at the computer helm.  We have been scrambling with some site changes due to a couple of cancellations yesterday and today, but the Campmeister has it all under control and is still smiling.  That's good for everyone involved.

For every single rally and un-rally that Momma Sharon puts on, she creates fun ID Buttons.  They are quite a collectible item and I'm going to spoil the surprise this year with a sneak preview just for you. She incorporated Sara's logo once again and I think they turned out really groovy!  She printed out 11 sheets this weekend, but will wait until Friday to actually make them.

If you look closely, you will notice that some names have tiny white stars beside them.  Mom put them there to designate the Newbies that will be joining us for The Big Visit.  She wants you to know that that brilliant idea was compliments of Miss Susan, Tiny Home 2's camper mom!  She might have been the one to suggest that Momma Sharon put the state abbreviation on there too.  Miss Susan is right smart that way.

It's easy for those Newbies to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of people, trailers, and activities at the Blue Ridge.  That little star will make them more visible and the old-timers can take them under their rally wings.   

That's it for this pre-BRR Monday.  Safe travels to the folks who are already on the road making their way to the Smokies!  Until tomorrow, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Collectible Buttons"


  1. I've been wondering what the button would look like. Fabulous! Soon I'll have two in my collection. :)

  2. Love them and not surprised at your talents

    1. Thanks Trisha! Momma Sharon will also have your Kings Mountain Kick-Off button for you next week!!