Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A BIG Prize From Big Meadow

It's a good thing that it's a rainy, nasty day here and Momma Sharon has been forced to stay indoors. Why?  Because she has been on the computer and telephone for hours with changes in arrival days and changes in campsites for the Blue Ridge Rally.  She tries to wait as long as she can to send out things like her campsite map and participant's information list.

Just when she thinks she is safe and there probably won't be any changes, there ends up being a pile of them.  Those changes mean revised versions of her documents.  I gotta tell you that she's handling it pretty well, but she keeps mumbling, "Keep Calm, Camp On, Keep Calm, Camp On".

If you see my Momma Sharon wearing this shirt during the rally, you will understand why!

The silver lining to everything happening today is what the Campmeister learned while on the phone with Barbara at Big Meadow. Miss Barbara told her that they were donating the grand prize for the Sign Holder Contest.  And it's no rinky-dink prize either!  It's a Little Red Campfire In A Can!!!

Talk about excited . . . Mom could hardly speak!  This prize is going to send the Blue Ridgers into a sign making frenzy.  It might cause some folks to re-think their plans, or amend what they have built, or even join in the fun if they have been waffling about participating.

I think this is a pretty awesome Story today and thanks for stopping by for Story Time.  I'll see ya back here tomorrow and until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Big Camping Prizes"

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