Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blue Ridge Rally Karma

Just when I think that the Blue Ridge Rally cannot possibly get any better, camping karma strikes to prove me wrong!  Early afternoon, Momma Sharon got a phone call from a fellow by the name of Jerry Reed.  He's the owner of Cades Cove Cellars in Townsend.

It seems that Big Meadow's owner, Barbara, was at the CCC and mentioned that she had a large number of campers coming in soon for a rally.  She then asked, "is there anything you could do for them?"  Well, Jerry came through in a BIG way for us.  Not only did he invite all the Blue Ridgers for a private wine tasting and tour of the winery, he's donating wine glasses and cork screws to go in every single Welcome Bag!!

When Momma Sharon and Jerry chatted, they picked out a good day and time for our visit. They settled on Thursday afternoon at three o'clock.   Since it's only two miles over there, everyone can scoot directly from Sandy's Mahjong class to the winery for refreshments.

Another dose of camping karma occurred when it dawned on Momma Sharon that since everyone will have wine glasses in their Welcome Bag, she won't have to worry about buying those cheap plastic ones for Wednesday night's Taste of Home do-dah!  Don't ya just love it when everything falls in place?  It makes me wiggle all over with happiness!!

I appreciate you dropping by again for another Story and until I talk to you tomorrow, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping Karma!"


  1. Sooooo excited!!!!!

  2. Me too Ellalou…the most I've ever been excited about a Blue Ridge Rally!! Travel safely and I'll see you two weeks from today!!

  3. Wish I was going to be there! One of these days...

  4. Marge....keep us in mind for 2016. I will be scouting out campgrounds in July and announcing the Blue Ridge in August.