Monday, April 13, 2015

It's A Sign Factory On The Deck

One of the many, many tasks that Momma Sharon has to complete before we hit the road to the Blue Ridge Rally, is to get 46 signs ready for Thursday's big Make 'N Take extravaganza.  A trip to Lowes was necessary to buy the ginormous sheet of 1/4" plywood.  The nice folks there cut it into eight 1 x 4-foot sections.  Next came tracing out all the T@Bs and friends on the plywood using templates left over from 2013, along with some new ones for this year.

The second portion of this project involved cutting out all the T@Bs, T@DAs, Airstreams, R-Pods, and others.  Once those were cut, out came the palm sander and on went the mask.  My Camper Mom had dust flying everywhere!  It didn't help that it was a blustery day when she was on the deck working.  I'm really proud of her for not using bad words when seven saw blades broke under all the stress of that cutting.  Good thing she bought two extra packs of blades!

Next step was priming everything and that had to be done in stages.  Every once in a while she would have to pick off pink Judas tree blossoms, but that was OK since it was a beautiful day outside to work this past weekend.  Today is another matter because it is cloudy with the chance of rain.  No worries - the awning came out to cover the work area and the priming is almost finished!

What's left?  Well, that would be drilling the holes for the wire and then packing up everything for The Big Visit that commences a week from Sunday.  

Until I see you in Townsend, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Cool Camping Signs"

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