Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vintage Card Holder

Happy Saturday friends and neighbors.  Happy Easter Weekend too!

I have an itty bitty Story to share with you today about an itty bitty mod that Momma Sharon made for me.  Back in February when she and Aunt Becky went to Pigeon Forge for Saddle Up, they went junkin' on Saturday afternoon. At one of their stops, she found a set of three bins or scoops that came off a conveyor belt in a granary.  A repurposing lightbulb went off in her brain and she knew immediately that it would be perfect for holding business cards.

Momma Sharon loves business cards.  She has one for camping with me, one for camping with The Coffee Cup, and even one for camping with the CDO Chefs. They are fun to share with friends, newbies, and folks that stop by for a tour.  Anyhoo, we have been needing a place to put those cards so they are easy to grab and hand out.

The metal bins were only five bucks each, so she picked out the nicest and cleanest one, with no dents or rust.  Instead of using nails or screws, my Camper Mom opted for Velcro and had the ideal place in mind for it…right underneath the outlet on my countertop.  It's within easy reach of the door too. Perfecto!

Okie dokie…Short Story over.  Thanks for stopping by and until I see you again (probably tomorrow), always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Cool Little Mods"

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