Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My New Hitch 'er Up

Howdy campers!  I have a Short Story to share with you today about my new "Hitch 'er Up".  I guess I should tell you that it's really called a Ball Mount Assembly so you don't get confused.

Before Momma Sharon said goodbye to Pilot last November, she removed the Honda hitch ball assembly.  We had a sneaking suspicion that it probably wouldn't fit Splish properly, but she kept it just in case.  You see, Honda puts the receiver hole for the retainer pin in a different place than on a standard, universal mount.  In our humble opinion, we think it's so they can sell you another part.

Anyhoo, yesterday we checked to see if the Honda one would work and guess what?  It didn't!  Surprise, surprise.  Not only did the holes not line up, but the hitch was close to 3 inches too low, so we couldn't have used it anyway!  So off to Auto Zone we went.

A very helpful car dude got us all squared away with a new one.  The first thing you notice is the drop on the new one isn't as great…just 2 inches. The second thing that you notice is the new one is shiny and doesn't have any rust.  The one on top was my Pilot Hitch 'er Up for seven camping seasons, so it covered a lot of miles in all kinds of weather.

With the label removed, it's easy to see that the holes do NOT match up.  Momma Sharon will clean up our protective ball cover and get all the grease off before she puts it on Splish's new ball.  We reused the locking pin, so that's good.  There's a little wiggle room, so we'll attach the Quiet Hitch that we used last season to take out all the clunky noises when rolling down the road.

The height is perfect and it will keep me nice and level heading to the campground.  It has a 6,000 pound capacity, so it will be all I need and more, because I weigh a lean, mean 1,800 pounds.

Tomorrow Momma Sharon is off to take care of another item on our to-do list.  Until it's time to tell that Story, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & A New Hitch 'er Up"

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