Friday, March 25, 2016

Me & Splish

Back in 2009 when Momma Sharon was thinking about getting a new tow vehicle for us, I was secretly hoping it would be a truck.  But she chickened out and got another Honda Pilot.  That was OK, because Pilot was a good SUV, dependable, comfortable, and did a fine job of getting us where we needed to go.

We both started to get the new car itch last summer.  Mom started researching trucks (yippee!), talked to Uncle Rob, chatted with retired GM worker Bob up in North Adams, and visited some Chevy/GMC dealers locally.  In November, she made the big decision!  I did a special Story back on November 22 and introduced you to SPLISH, our shiny new partner in adventure.  Aunt Becky came up with her name and the rest is history.

We were both kinda anxious about hitting the road together last week, but I am here to report that everything went smoothly and our trip down to Cheraw State Park was a breeze.  I didn't drag coming out of Aunt Becky's driveway, I didn't wiggle down the road, and Splish could hardly feel me behind her at all!  We stopped in Wadesboro to eat lunch and the first of many photos of us was snapped.

Splish backed me into site #11 at the campground with ease.  I know it's not a contest, but my Camper Mom likes to slide me right into the site without a whole lot of going back and forth.  She kinda gets into a zen-parking-state-of-mind and that always makes me laugh.  With Aunt Becky's help, we dodged the trees, the water faucet, and short pole to put me in the perfect spot.

Our site was a happening place all weekend.  It was level, graveled, wide enough for the Cottonwood, and was perched above Lake Juniper.  With our wonderful view and spaciousness, we hosted all our CDO cooking events, March Madness activities, and even a Scottish dance.

If you look closely at this snapshot of Splish's hood, you might see the layer of yellow pollen that covered everything at Cheraw State Park.  One morning, we even watched a cloud of it drift across the lake.

Once I got back home and settled into the T@Bport, we checked our gas mileage and were both tickled to death to see that it was 16 mpg!  That was much better than Pilot's average of 13.  Score another one for Splish.

Next up on the camping calendar is a trip back to South Carolina to camp at Lake Hartwell and Croft State Parks.  Lots of my buddies (and some Newbies) will be joining me for a gathering we are calling Carolina Lakeside.

Thanks for dropping by today for my Story about Splish.  Tomorrow I'll have another Tale for you about a little interior addition to my decor.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping With My Buddy Splish"

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  1. Hurrah for Splish's first adventure with Splash. Glad it all went smoothly. Looking forward to seeing Splish at Pride RV.