Friday, March 11, 2016

Time Out For A Non-Camping Project

Splish had her formal truck initiation yesterday.  She and Momma Sharon headed over to Lowes to get supplies for a CDO station that would be built on the deck.  Splish did a fantastic job on her first official truck duty!

Now to tell you the Story about our new CDO Cooking Station.  My Camper Mom has had plans for a wooden patio table for many months.  Her grand plan for them included making a longer, narrower, taller table to serve as a food prep area and serving area.  After the area along the long rail on the deck was cleared, it was determined this would be the perfect spot for it to sit.

After lots of figuring and scribbling on paper, it was time to start cutting out the pieces and screwing them together.  Ordinarily, Momma Sharon would do all the work out in the carport where her power tools are, but she was lazy yesterday. Instead, she walked back and forth between the deck and carport. It drove the dogs to distraction because they couldn't figure out where they needed to be.

The work area on the deck wasn't ideal, but all the pieces came together successfully and within a few hours, the base was completed and in place.

Some feet on the bottom of the legs made it quite study.  With the top boards in place, it was time to stow our CDO gear underneath.  Mr. Werner, the charcoal bin, the bucket, and charcoal chimney slide right under the top, with room to spare.  Miss Murphy, the Camper Dog, gave her approval and we are now ready to start cooking!

Until Momma Sharon can get some sealer and/or stain on the boards, she might just throw a plastic picnic cloth on top if rain is in the forecast.  She plans to christen it tonight by cooking Test Kitchen dish #5 on it.

This was a fun project, but now we have to get back to our preparation for the first camping trip next week.  Y'all have a good weekend and until it's time for another Story, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Projects"

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