Saturday, March 5, 2016

Taggin' Our CDO Stuff

Happy Saturday everyone from here in the Foothills where it is a gorgeous day! Momma Sharon and I checking things off our SC DOG to-do list.  One of those items is to attach tags to all our camp Dutch oven pieces.  When you cook with a crowd of CDO Chefs, it's easy for lids and bottoms and utensils to get all mixed up.

To keep things straight and get back home with what you took, Chefs like to put tags of some sort on the lids and bails (handles) of their cast iron.  When my Camper Mom was up in TN at Saddle Up several weeks ago, she scored some keychains made by the blacksmiths of Smoky Mountain Iron Works.  The minute she saw them, she knew they would be one-of-a-kind, unique and cool tags for us. Each one of the eight that she bought has a different size and shape to it!

Since our 10" CDO was still out from cooking last night, it was the perfect time to attach those tags and check something off our to-do list.  Here's how it went . . . 

Our 10" lid has its tag

So does the 10" bottom

Next came the lid on the baby 8"

And the corresponding tag for the 8" bottom

The big ole 12" got the biggest tag

Even the tongs & lid lifter got their own tags!

I'm pretty sure the next thing on the list to be tackled is a new set of awnings for me!!  Momma Sharon told me that one side has lime green peace signs on it and the flip side is a green and white mattress ticking pattern.  Hot dog,  I'm gonna be sittin' pretty!  Until that Story is ready to tell, y'all should always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Groovy CDO Tags"

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