Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ode To Mr. Werner

Today I have a Story to tell you about Mr. Werner.  Who is Mr. Werner, you ask?  Mr. Werner is a what, not a who…LOL!  He is technically a platform that painters stand on and he comes from places like Home Depot and Lowes.  Now I'm sure you are asking yourself why in the world is Splash telling me a Story about painting platforms.

Let me back up a bit and tell you the whole Tale.  You know that Momma Sharon and I are gathering week after next with a bunch of our Chef buddies. Not only are we kicking off the 2016 camping season, we will do it in grand style while cooking with cast iron!  One item that will be present at practically every campsite is a Werner platform. We cook on them, we start coals on them in chimneys, we double them up, we use them as buffet tables, we use them to eat off of, sit upon, and hold our Rule #9 beverages.  They are probably our most versatile piece of CDO equipment.

My Camper Mom keeps ours set up on the patio for cooking on the spur of the moment in any season. She and Aunt Becky put a TV on top of it while camping at Tybee Island so they could watch the Panthers play on Monday Night Football.  It may be covered with a cool beach towel when not in use, but it's always there when we are camping and it even holds our bucket light.  It hides Mom's Luggable Loo during the day…tee hee.

How did the Werner come to join our CDO adventures?  Momma Sharon first saw one while camping at Jordan Lake in 2014 with some of her Sisters.  Chef Bill saw one featured on a Facebook CDO group last May.  Chef D'Nise used one for painting and realized it would work perfectly for Dutch oven cooking back in June.  Before you knew it, our folks all owned one (or more!).

Chef Ava cooks on her porch, out of the weather
Chefs Bill & Elaine set up in their yard in the fall
Buffet line at the MD DOG last August
Chefs Rob & Sharon cook 3 pizzas at a time at Raccoon Holler
Soup's on in MD with double platforms
The perfect place to hold your brew while cooking
Chef Fran's cooking set-up
Chef Mary with a wind screen while cooking
No picnic table?  Put the Werner to use!
Saturday night potluck at the MD DOG
Double platforms in the dead of winter
Everything is handy on a Werner
Need a Christmas present?  Just talk to Chef D'Nise!
Chef Mark has everything at his fingertips

So there you have it my friends - the perfect cooking companion - the Werner platform, coming to a campsite near you!  Until it's time to pack Mr. Werner in Splish, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & Mr. Werner"


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  2. The thing is darn'd handy.. I even used mine to stand on while I changed a light bulb on the porch the other day.. LOL.

    (sorry, had to "edit", you know, that whole ESL thing..)

  3. I enjoyed all of the pictures showing the versatility of our friend Mr Werner. We are all hooked.