Monday, March 28, 2016

My DOG Peeps

Greetings on this Easter Monday!  Momma Sharon shared a bunch of Postcards with you last week that showed all her Chef Peeps.  I want to take a bit of time this morning to feature MY peeps who camped with me at Cheraw State Park.  They are a special bunch . . . quite colorful and super fun to hang out with in the campground.

That's T@Bventure peeking through the trees
My friend Lucy, the Short, Short Trailer
I spy Tangerine hosting a little chit chat
Breezin' fits right in beside Lake Juniper
Momma Lois calls this red beauty Shop, Drop, & Roll
That's my Cousin Pod down around the curve in the road
Another snapshot of T@Bvendure with her little blue awning in place
Tangerine's campsite by the water
This is the first time I've camped with Tupelo T@Bster!
What a lovely shot of Breezin' by the lake
Tupelo T@Bster all decked out in yellow
The newest kid on the block . . . I gotta find out his/her name!

Thanks for dropping by today for my photo album from the SC DOG.  Until it's time for another Story, always remember . . .  

Peace, Love & Camping With My Peeps

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