Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Got New Shoes!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  I've got my green on, do you . . . LOL.

I am home and resting under my T@Bport after my weekend of camping at Chester State Park.  I have the coolest Story to tell you today . . . I got new shoes!!  A couple of months ago my Camper Mom ordered a set of base pads for my stabilizer jacks.  If you want to go back and read that story again, you'll find it HERE.

She took them to the campground with us this weekend in hopes that Uncle Rob would install them on my feet.  Yesterday morning after everyone had had breakfast and Momma Sharon and Murphy the Camper Dog got back from a walk, Uncle Rob got to work!

After gathering all his tools, the first thing that he did was to fix my battery cable that had pulled out of the ring terminal.  Momma Sharon didn't have a crimping tool, so she couldn't get it to stay put.

Next, Uncle Rob put on my new shoes!  I kinda got tickled at him because just his legs were sticking out from under me at one point.  I don't know what Momma Sharon would do with out him because he can fix anything that goes wrong with me!!

The ground in my campsite had a few little washed out places due to rain, but these stabilizer pads adjusted to them perfectly . . . no more yellow pads for me!

Perfect weather, getting to camp with my Cousin Pod . . . what a great weekend!  Momma Sharon and Murphy the Camper Dog said it was the best "first trip of the season" in 7 years!!  Thanks for dropping by to read another one of my SplashT@B Stories and remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping in 2013!"

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  1. Hey Splash, love your new shoes!! We all had a great weekend camping with you and your family! We all really enjoyed the drive back today. Rob used to live in Gastonia about 20 years ago, so he liked seeing how things had changed. See you in a couple of weeks in Charleston!! Woohoo!! R&T's Pod