Sunday, January 20, 2013

Package On The Doorstep

Greetings everyone, SplashT@B here for another Story on this beautiful Sunday in January!  Momma Sharon's full attention is on the NFL game on TV, so I get a little computer time all to myself.

Don't you just love it when you open the door to find a package on the porch or doorstep?  I sure do!!  That's what happened yesterday when a box from Amazon arrived.

As soon as my Camper Mom opened that box, I got super-duper excited.  It was a set of BAL Base Pads for my stabilizers!  My good buddy RT, the Little Red T@Boose, has a set and I've hinted a whole bunch of times that I'd like them too . . . tee hee.

If I'm camping on a concrete pad or asphalt, I don't need anything to help support me, but if I'm on gravel or grass or dirt, Momma Sharon always puts nifty yellow pads down for me to sit on.  She'll probably still pack those along with us, but won't use them unless there's a steeper slope to our camp site.

BAL is the same company that manufactures the leveler that slides under one of my tires to make sure I'm level side-to-side.  Mom has always said that is the single best thing she ever bought for me!  These base pads will be super easy to install and I'll be sure to show you a photo of them when I go camping in March with Pod to Chester State Park.


I need to scoot, but I really appreciate y'all coming over for a bit to hear another Story.  Have a good Sunday and remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, Camping & Hooray
For Moms Who Love Us!"


  1. This means Aunt Becky doesn't have to deal with those yellow plastic pads anymore!!!!

  2. Those are nice. I put a set on The Pop Ritchie.

  3. T@Basas has those on her and loves them! No carrying around extra pads.