Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun Stuff On This Friday

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today here in the NC Foothills and even though I am on a little stay-cation, there was fun stuff afoot on this Friday.  Momma Sharon got a package in the mail that contributed to a very good day for both of us.

At the recent Blue Ridge Rally, we were both mesmerized by the light show put on at T@Bulous' campsite by Mr. Michael and Mr. Jeff each night.  As soon as I saw the lights, I knew what was going to happen!  It always does.  Mom is so predictable . . . LOL.

As soon as we got home, she was hinting for information about those lights.  After Mr. Randy (the king of all things fabulous in the night) and Mr. Michael told her what she needed, it was click, click, click on Amazon.  Here's what the Postman brought today . . . 

Blue, green, and purple ought to look quite stunning on me at night!  I hate that we will have to wait a month to try it out in The Holler, but that's OK and something fun to look forward to.

This past week when Mom and Aunt Wendy were shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, they spotted a very cool beach towel and knew right away that I would love it.  They know me well!

This afternoon Momma Sharon was sitting on the deck reading and sipping a beverage while the pups patrolled the yard.  It dawned on her that 3 very cool drink holders are now in our camping bin.  The little one on the left is an insulated wine cup that she and Miss Alice picked up after their wine tasting at Thistle Meadow Winery during the Caravan.  

The stylish lime green one in the middle is an Ozark Trail tumbler from Miss Kathryn that Mom used during the entire BRR when she needed to have something cool to sip on.  And that big monster RTIC bottle is the granddaddy of all containers and was a happy that Michael and Jeff gave her.  Hot coffee in that thing will last all day!! 

We have the most thoughtful camping buddies that always seem to know the perfect gifts to give us.  

So now you know why this was a fun Friday for us.  Murphy has bounced back and is doing well, Mom started a new book in a series she is enjoying, and we are thankful for all our T@Bbin' blessings.  Have a great weekend everyone and until I have another little Story for you to read, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Fun Stuff On A Friday"

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