Monday, June 5, 2017

I Spy

It's a drizzly, dreary morning here in Newton and I've got to do something fun to raise Momma Sharon's spirits.  So how about a version of the game she used to play as a kid - I Spy.  I'm not going to give you clues or anything like that, I'm just going to show you a baker's dozen of  things that I spied at the BRR.  Have fun!

Across the road from me, protected by two orange cones, was a killdeer nest with 3 camouflaged little eggs in the middle of campsite #20

We got a nice welcome from Big Meadow every single time we drove into the campground

Charlie the Camping Cat (with Momma Sue) at his first BRR

The Honey Badger always stands out in a crowd

How in the world did Gunther get that pear into that bottle?

We bought a unique clothesline from Mr. Geo & he is showing us how to install one side of it

Mr. Randy's panoramic view from his secret 00 site

We had so many Blue Ridgers that porta-potties had to be brought in . . . LOL

Check out the drone overhead taking photos & a video of me & my Peeps

Momma Sharon & I are down right jealous of the light show put on by Michael & Jeff every night!

Chef D'Nise wowed everyone with her biscuits during the CDO cooking demo with Mom

Mr. Warren rolled into the campground on his big bike from AL & was greeted by Kaia & Lilou

Mr. Alejandro, aka Alex, singing Happy Birthday to Larry . . . we heard him all over the campground!!

I sure do appreciate you stopping by today for my little I Spy Story. Please keep Momma Sharon and my sweet Murphy the Camper Dog in your thoughts and prayers.  They are kinda struggling right now.  

I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with another Story, so I hope to see you here.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Sights I Spy Around My BRR"

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