Friday, June 16, 2017

An Explosion Of Color

Momma Sharon and her Postcards are just going to have to wait.  I have a BIG colorful announcement to make!

My Visor is starting to show its age.  It's gathering water in the shock-cord track, the keder rail piping is starting to get a little ragged, and it's got some ugly stains on it from trees and birds.  Momma Sharon went to the PahaQue site to look at getting a new one, hoping for one with a lime green trim.  Sadly, only the standard colors were available.  I told her I didn't need one of the big XLs, that a regular-sized one would work nicely.

But I've been secretly longing for something with COLOR.  We went online and looked at Marti's awnings, but didn't see any fabric that blew our skirts up.  That's when she got the brilliant idea to grab Aunt Becky and head to Hickory and pay Annas Awning a visit.  They have been in business since 1944 and make terrific awnings for houses (we all have some).  Maybe they would make a camping one for me!!

Mom took my Visor with her as a template and to take measurements from.  The Awning Man that helped them said, "Sure, we can make you an awning for your camper."  OMG!!  Momma even showed him a snapshot of me and he just smiled.

So she and Bec sat down at the table and poured through the books of fabric samples.  Blues, greens, blue & greens . . . so much to choose from.  That is until lightening struck when they saw this one . . . 

It was an explosion of color and there was no need to look any further! Seeing that gorgeous rainbow of colors made Momma Sharon's face light up for real.  Did she have enough nerve to go with so much color? You betcha!!

So the Awning Man drew out a pencil design as Mom told him what she wanted: rectanglar, 10 'x 5', grommets in each front corner and one in the middle, heavy-duty stitching, scallops, royal blue trim, and to match the size of the Visor cord that slides through my keder rail. Done and done!

The Awning Man said he didn't need any money and they would call when it was ready.  Mom said she would like to have it before our next trip in July and the man said, "No problem."  All of this happened on Wednesday morning.  Yesterday afternoon we got a call that it was ready.  No lie . . . it was ready!!  So Mom picked up Aunt Becky this morning and off they went to Hickory.

How did it turn out you ask?  INCREDIBLE!!  It was folded up in an 18" x 18" square and was double-stitched everywhere.  The grommets were perfectly placed, the scallops were trimmed in that beautiful royal blue that matches me, and the piece that slides in my keder rail is rubber. Plus, you will never guess how much it cost . . . $164.00.  I may need another one - tee hee!

Because I'm sitting in the T@Bport, there was no way to attach it today for you to get the full effect.  But you know there are snapshots to be shared.  Here ya go . . . 

Becky gave us a bag to store it in and you will have to wait until I'm back up in The Holler to see it attached and extended in all its colorful glory.  I could have waited until then to share my big news, but I'm just busting at the seams with excitement and could not wait!

Happy camping, happy weekend, happy me!!  Until there's another Story to be shared, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & An Explosion of Color"

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  1. Looks marvelous! That store is fixing to have a run on T@B awnings! Can't wait to see Splash "all dressed up" in the new awning! Love the colors! Wow!