Sunday, June 4, 2017

Blue Ridge Goodies

The week before my Blue Ridge Rally, I told you about our ID buttons being ready and that they were part of a little welcome bag of goodies that Momma Sharon was giving everyone.  All our Alumni expect a little something something from us, but the Newbies get taken by surprise.

Our little white bags contained the ID buttons, a 10th anniversary key chain, Dave's decal, and a camping bookmark.  Sometimes Aunt Becky comes over a few days early and she and Mom stuff all the welcome bags.  This year, we waited until we got there on Sunday, recruited some volunteers, and assembled the bags on the spot.  Beck, Miss Belva, and Miss Liz pitched in to help.

One of the umpty-ump reasons we love Big Meadow, is that Miss Barbara takes the time to go around Townsend and collect things from the local merchants.  This year that included discounts at places like Ace Hardware and Black Bear Cafe.  Cades Cove Cellars invited us for a wine tasting and donated wine glasses.  A local artist made laser cut wooden magnets of our trailers and BRR logo!  When folks checked in the office upon their arrival, the Big Meadow folks gave them a brown paper bag full of those goodies.

Miss Katie from PA checking in
Barbara & Kristina checking folks in & handing out goodie bags
Miss Alice came for a visit & couldn't wait to see what was in her bag
Jar of jam, bar of soap, pen, & fire starters were among the surprises
So were wine glasses from Cades Cove Cellars
We were blown away when we saw the magnet
Brochures, maps, and discount coupons

Making up goodie bags makes us feel good and makes our Peeps happy.  What better way to kick off one of our rallies!

Thanks for stopping by for another Story today.  Who knows, I may get more computer time tomorrow and write another one for you.  Until then, always remember . . . .

"Peace, Love, & BRR Goodie Bags"


  1. Both you and Miss Barbara are so thoughtful. Loved all of the goodies.

    1. Thanks Miss Elaine! See ya in August - Splash

  2. The goody bags were an amazing surprise! Thanks to all who made them happen!!

    1. Thanks Miss Lisa. Momma Sharon had fun making them and Big Meadow always goes all out for my Blue Ridge Peeps! - Splash