Monday, July 17, 2017

We Be Camping In The Holler

Well, well, well . . . look who's back!!  Momma Sharon really dropped the ball in making sure all our techie equipment was in the bag.  She forgot to pack the one thing that connects our card reader to the laptop in order to download photos.  She sat here last night trying to figure out how to connect the wifi in the new camera to the laptop, but finally gave up after an aggravating 30 minutes or so.

To make a long story short, Cousin Rob came to our rescue and his laptop talked to my laptop and the result is a Story!  We are back in The Holler camping with Rob and Trisha and Jackson.  Momma Sharon and I look forward to this annual trip every July and Murphy the Camper Dog is with us too.

My friend Pod isn't with us any more, so now I will be hanging out with Miss Anne.  She's a long, sleek, brand-spanking new Forest River Surveyor.  But she's about as far away in the campground as we could possibly be, so Mom and Murphy have to hop in Splish to go visit and for supper.

There's lots of new stuff going on for me on this trip too.  I am parked in site 95A and I've wanted to be in this campsite for a long, long time. Miss Anne was supposed to be here, but she's too big.  Little ole skinny me sits perfectly!

So this is my home until Friday.  It's dark at night, has cool breezes blowing through and plenty of shade, and there are beautiful balsam trees to look at.  Check it off my bucket list!

Now look past my little camping flag and you will see the latest camping accessory . . . my rainbow awning.  Momma Sharon had a company make it for me and it's a perfect fit.  I've been dying to try it out for a whole month now.  Today we have had some rain showers and I can report that it is shedding water perfectly.  I am really diggin' the peak out front created by the middle pole.  I made sure we put out our noodles on the guy lines for safety.  

Not only do I have a new awning, I have a new screen room - a baby Clam, just perfect for the two of us.   We really don't need it this week, but once again, we are itching to try it out.  Pretty sweet, huh?

After Momma Sharon took care of feeding Murphy at 4:00 yesterday, they headed up the hill to hang out with Rob, Trisha, and Jackson and to eat supper.  Now there are two things you can count on when camping.  Number one is that if Cousin Rob is there, the food will be off the charts.  Number two is that we don't eat your average campground meal of beanie weenies.  No siree!  On last night's menu was salmon that Rob cooked, shoe-peg corn salad that Mom made, supplemented by slaw and cold smoked cheeses.  

Well I guess that's a good introduction to our week in The Holler.  Time to send this Story off to you and listen to the rain on the roof.  Thanks for dropping by!!  Until I'm back with another Tale tomorrow, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Camping In The Holler"

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