Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Corn On The Cob Magic

Hey everyone!  There's lots of stuff going on around the homestead, some camping related, some kinda sorta camping related.  

Yesterday my buddy Splish had to go to Everett Chevrolet for a recall. Seems that GMC put the wrong hitch on some trucks and they were underrated for the towing job.  Everett wanted to make sure that ours has the right one.  It didn't take very long for the technician to determine that Splish's was the correct one. WHEW!!

This morning, Cousin Rob rolled into Newton to take care of The Coffee Cup's front window leak.  He and Momma Sharon took off the rock guard, pulled out the screws, and proceeded to re-caulk everything.  Rob also took a file and filed off some burrs that weren't allowing the screws to be seated properly.  He and Momma Sharon are confident that the problem has been solved and now she can get that sweet little camper back on the road again!!

Two successful camping-related tidbits and now for my main Story. Aunt Becky has been bugging my Camper Mom to try a new way of fixing corn on the cob.  You don't boil it.  You don't wrap it in foil and grill or bake it.  You zap it in the microwave!  Yep, you read that right.

Cut the end of the corn off, leaving the husks & silks on

Cook for 3 minutes & use a potholder to pull it out of the microwave

Squeeze from the pointed in to push the corn out

VOILA…no silk, no peeling off the husks…it comes out CLEAN!

Spritz it with spray butter & sprinkle on Old Bay 

Pair it with some Cajun-style sausage and it's dinnertime!

I'm sure some of our camping buddies would let us borrow their microwaves, especially if we fixed a few extra ears to share!

Mom is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a couple yards of Sara's cool T@B fabric so she can make another set of window awnings for me. She also has wood ready to make a mod for sleeping during our upcoming trip to The Holler.  Until I have those Stories written and ready to read to you, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Corn Magic"

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