Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Time To Re-purpose

There comes a time, when you haven't used something in years and years, that you need to get on with the program.  Sometimes that's hard, especially for you know who (her initials are SBS).  Momma Sharon bought a beautiful brown, woven, cotton coverlet when we were in Gettysburg, PA on the Gettysburg Caravan.  Her intentions were to use it when camping because it was such a great match to my Aztec Gold cushions.

She slept under it one time and said it was so heavy that she felt smothered and that's from someone who likes to burrow under the covers and pull them up over her ears.  Since then it has been sealed up in a plastic bag just sitting and sitting and sitting.  That is until Sunday, when she had an epiphany.  

She and Aunt Becky have been rolling up their sleeping mattresses, cinching them with a nylon strap, and letting them rest under my back cabinets during the day.  Then they fold up the bottom memory foam and kinda wedge it around the mattresses.  Here's what that looks like.

To cover up those mattresses, they spread Mom's fleece blanket or a flannel sheet over it, then toss their sleeping pillows and decorative pillows in front of it.  It works, but she and I have never thought it was very attractive looking.

That's where the Gettysburg coverlet comes into play!  Out came all the tools: rotary cutter, cutting mat, acrylic guide, and sewing machine.  In no time flat and with no tears shed, she made a mattress cover for me!

Stitching up the one raw side was a piece of cake and this morning I saw it for the first time.  Momma Sharon brought it down to the T@Bport and VOILA!!

The edges are tucked over, around, and under and I think it looks swell.  Once she gets all my pillows arranged, I'm going to be sitting pretty during the day.

All her sewing paraphernalia is still out because she has another project in mind using that coverlet . . . cabinet caddies!  Measurements have been taken, all the pieces have been cut out, but you will have to wait another day for that Sewing Story!  Until then, always remember . . .

"Peace, Love, & Re-purposing"

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