Friday, July 1, 2016

It Doesn't Take Much . . .

It doesn't take much on a hot July 1st to make us happy . . . no thunderstorms forecast for this Friday afternoon, Aunt Becky coming to Momma Sharon's aid with a ride, a new restaurant about to open in town, finding the perfect recipes for a weekend of CDO cooking, hearing from an old friend and learning that she is joining us on the Coastal Caravan . . . stuff like that.

Here's some other stuff that's making my Camping Mom pretty happy too . . . 

Finding out that a good book has 2 more in the series

Getting the Miata back from the body shop & it's PERFECT again

Having Snickerdoodle creamer to jazz up an afternoon iced coffee

Getting 37 pounds of charcoal for less than ten bucks @ Lowes!

Starting a new project for a friend

Now that July is here, I can start daydreaming about my next camping trip with Pod.  We'll be heading up to The Holler in just a few weeks and that's all it takes to make ME happy.

Until I have another little Story for you, I hope you have had a day full of happiness and until it's Storytime again, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love & Happiness"

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  1. You're the best Sharon! Simple things that are really appreciated make life rich!