Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Swell Trio Of Awnings

It's a good thing that Momma Sharon and I are both retired and can change our plans at the spur of the moment.  Our intent was to slip away to the Wee Cabin last Thursday for some R & R, peace and quiet. After looking at our calendar to make sure the coast was clear, there was an appointment for the pups' haircut on Friday morning. 

No worries, we would head for the hills after lunch.  That's when the stove started acting funny and smelling like it was an inch away from an electrical fire.  Greg, my electrician, couldn't check it out for us until Monday morning. In the meantime, the light in the fridge developed a short and Don, our appliance guy, couldn't come until this afternoon. So we are still in Newton!!

Plan C is now in effect and we will drive up the mountain tomorrow morning (fingers crossed).  Over the weekend, my Camper Mom pulled out some birthday fabric that Aunt Wendy gave her two years ago. "It's about time for some new window awnings," she told me.  And that's how she spent her weekend.  She tried a new idea of putting a coordinating strip of scallops at the bottom.  She also drew out a new scallop pattern for this pair . . . there was an upside and downside to this and a couple of valuable lessons were learned!  Here's the whole Story . . . 

The new scallop pattern has smaller scallops and more scallops.  Even when they were trimmed and the inside points were clipped, it was hard to turn them inside out.  They were kinda puckery and even ironing them didn't make them lay perfectly flat.

Don't ya just love the colors and fabrics?  They are going to look great on my three windows!

For the first time ever, Momma Sharon added a strip at the bottom of the fabric.  We both agreed that was a grand idea and easy to do too!

She tried cutting the scallops a little bit differently on the 2nd pair, thinking that they would open up better and lay nice and flat.  NOT! For the third pair, we went back to the original pattern.

And here's one side of the finished awning.  I really, really like it and think it's going to look swell.

This reverse side is definitely our favorite and I predict it will be the side everyone sees in the campground come July in The Holler!

Well I appreciate you dropping by on this Tuesday and catching me in between mountain plans.  This was a fun Story for me to tell you and until I have another, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & A Swell Trio Of Awnings"

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