Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tangerine . . . The Perfect Hostess

There's a whole bunch of reasons I love to caravan with my Trailer Peeps on the coast.  Near the top of the list is the Tangerine Movie Theater.  Last year our Camper Moms and Dads grabbed their chairs and blankets and plopped down outside to watch "The Big Chill" being shown from the galley TV. Instead of a movie on the big screen, it was a movie on the small screen…LOL.

Tangerine loves hosting these cinematic events and we all love attending.  In fact, she often provides the scene for breakfasts, Happy Dances, happy hours, community suppers, getting out of the rain, and general fellowship.

Tangerine next door @ Tybee Island
Cinnamon bun breakfast on Jekyll Island
Catching up on the morning news @ Tangerine's pad
Tangerine started the Happy Dance craze at the Blue Ridge Rally!
Tangerine's campsite is always a popular gathering spot
All our Camper Moms & Dads love supper under those orange lights
Pups and camping peeps alike hang out @ Tangerine's before supper
A shelter in the storm at Tybee
Oops . . . I got a bit off track with Her Orangeness!  Back to the movie theater chapter in this Story. Miss Tangerine hosted two movie nights on the recent Coastal Caravan.  After pizza on Saturday night at James Island, everyone gathered for "Coupe de Ville".

Then after a community supper on Thursday evening on Jekyll Island, she hosted a little Halloween tale called "Practical Magic."

It's safe to say that Tangerine is a party animal, a trend setter, and the perfect hostess.   She is one of my bestest camping buddies and I cannot wait to see her again in March!

Thanks for dropping by for a big ole Orange Story today my friends.  I hope you have a had a marvelous weekend.  Until it's Story Time again, always remember . . . 

Peace, Love & Camping With Miss Tangerine!


  1. Everyone is always welcome in Orangeland. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories and for featuring us in this post. By the way, Splash's Mom, Sharon, named Tangerine. I think it was a perfect name for this Orange beauty. Thanks to Sharon.

  2. Momma Sharon loves to pick out names for T@Bs and she's glad that "Tangerine" has worked well for Her Orangeness. I'll see ya in March Miss T!!

  3. I love Tangerine and his/her parents!