Friday, November 13, 2015

Oh What A Cute Butt You Have

Caravan life with my Trailer Peeps is a hoot!  Traveling down the road with my friends makes people smile and point and wave.  It doesn't matter if there's just a few of us or whether we are in a long convoy, we get people's attention.

If I've been told once, I've been told a thousand times, "You are so cute!" I've got a cute butt, my splashy (pun intended) decals are cute, my windows are cute, my teardrop shape is cute.  Well, face it folks, T@Bs are stinkin' cute!

And so are my best buds I call AirT@Bs.

My cool Pod buddy named Dash is off the charts cute too!

People are drawn to us like magnets when we pull up at a gas pump, gather for lunch in a Shell station parking lot, pause at McDonalds for breakfast, are stopped at a light in Georgetown, or line up at Walmart!

When I was waiting patiently for Pilot to get her flat tire fixed, I had Lookie Loos checking me out!

You just cannot imagine how fun it is to see T@Bs in front of me on our Travel Days.

Most of the time, I get to be the leader of the pack and that's a blast! Over bridges, around curves, past salt marshes, through little towns, my friends faithfully follow while our Camper Moms and Dads are chatting away to each other on their walkie-talkies.

Even though all the snapshots from my Coastal Caravan photo album took up a whole lot more room than my actual Story, I appreciate you dropping in to hear about how cute we all are.  Yeppers, we get that a lot when we travel together and try not to let it go to our heads . . . tee hee.

I'll see ya tomorrow with another SplashT@B Story and until then, always remember . . . 

Peace, Love, and Cute Trailer Butts

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