Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sittin' Pretty

One of my most endearing features is the set of love handles I have on each of my four corners.  Well, they aren't really love handles, but grab handles that Momma Sharon loves and uses to twist and turn me around in our campsites to park me in the perfect position so I'm sittin' pretty.

Sometimes my Camper Mom uses the back handles for hanging a little clothesline for drying her towels.  Sometimes Aunt Becky will hang a plastic trash bag from one, but I really don't like it when she does that.  I don't want to look like trailer trash . . . LOL.

Momma Sharon doesn't always spin me around by the handles at our campsite.  Sometimes she and Pilot back me right in and that's where I sit.  It just depends on the view, or lack of one, how level the site is, where the picnic table and fire pit are located, and how well my add-ons will fit.  On the Coastal Caravan, the only place where I got wheeled around was on Tybee Island and that was because she needed room to set up my big ole Cottonwood.

This is our ninth camping season together and something she does every single time we go on an adventure is to fill out a campground rating card.  On that card she makes notes about our site number, pros & cons of that site, whether she twirled me around or not, and if it would be a good one for a return trip.

Wanna see me sittin' pretty at my four Coastal Caravan campsites? OK, here's the first one.  Site #122 at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet…perfectly level, shady, pine needle and sand carpet, quiet, big enough for outside sitting and eating, easy back in, Visor employed.

Site #117 at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC…almost perfectly level, partial sun & shade, carpet of sand and live oak leaves, big site perfect for visiting and Dutch oven cooking, easy back in, Visor and window awnings used, fairly quiet.

Site #66 at River's End Campground on Tybee Island, GA…slight slope to drainage ditch behind, under a massively beautiful live oak tree, total shade, white gravel carpet, turned sideways so the big Cottonwood would fit, great location for visiting, sitting pretty next to Daisy & Tangerine.

Site G9 at Jekyll Island Campground on Jekyll Island, GA…almost perfectly level, lots of shade, carpet of pine needles and acorns and sand, tricky back in through the trees, no Visor or Cottonwood used, huge area perfect for Dutch oven cooking, plenty of space for Becky's Instant Screen Room, great community site for eating and watching movies at Tangerine's next door.

I really enjoyed reading my Story today and I hope you did too.  Have a great weekend everyone and I'll chat with you tomorrow.  Until then, always remember . . . 

Peace, Love, & Sittin' Pretty In My Campsites


  1. Hey Splash, it's Pod here. Can you believe it? I'm at last back out camping this weekend with my peeps. Sure wish you could be here too!! I do love all the ways your Momma Sharon sets you up depending on the campsite. CAMP ON!! Pod

  2. Hey Pod! Great to hear that you are out camping, buddy!! You CAMP ON too….you've got a great weekend for it. Splash

  3. There is nothing prettier than seeing that blue and green beauty coming down the road.

  4. Awww thanks T…blush, blush...